Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 62

Chapter 62


America, New York

“Monkey, what happened to Ivanov recently?” An extraordinary brunette youth strode from a crowd of blondes into the office while holding two cups of coffee in his hand.

“There is news from China, this Russian oligarch seems very law abiding in China’s territory. There isn’t even a contact with a high ranked official and nothing illegal. These days he even continuously conducts legal and compliant investment activities.”

A skinny young man wearing glasses accepted the hot coffee handed by Ding Sheng. Said thanks then continued again and said: “However, there were some discoveries that were really special, well … but can also consider it not too special.”

“Don’t miss any news, just talk about what is special.” Ding Sheng pulled a chair and sat down, he drank a sip of coffee and looked at the gloomy scene outside the window, unconsciously it was already autumn.

“Ivanov and Lu Feng seemed to clash. The rumor said that these two started to fall into a hostile relationship. Then recently Ivanov also often appears with a Chinese man. But we have checked him and that one’s identity is clean without any stains, perhaps they are working partner but they seem to have a more intimate relationship.”

The young man who was called monkey took a deep breath and sighed: “Don’t worry, I will told them to continue to observe them. According to the most recent news from Middle East, there are some weapons that shouldn’t appear but appear from Assad’s party, for example tank, etc.”

“Tank?” Ding Sheng’s attention was quickly attracted to the past, didn’t pay too much attention to what his colleague said about the name of the Chinese man who was together with Ivanov.

“This is the picture from the front.” The monkey opened the computer to let Ding Sheng on the picture of the tank they sneak shot. He pointed to the computer screen and said: “Look similar huh? This type of tank was obviously smuggled out of Ukraine, there are only a handful of weapons dealers who can provide this source of supply, but after we investigated it we get an unexpected result.”

“In recent analysis of these various types, this batch of tanks sent out to Middle East wasn’t supplied by those Russian’s yet it wasn’t also those Ukrainian’s. In fact we received the news that the one who transported this batch of weapons to Syria is an Asian.”

The monkey’s word made Ding Sheng slightly frowned: “Asian? The only Asian who could go to Ukraine and Middle East is only Lu Feng but Lu Feng has just clashed with Ivanov so Ivanov absolutely wouldn’t let Lu Feng enter his territory without knowing it.

“Could it be another Asian, like the Japanese?” The monkey guessed.

Ding Sheng immediately denied monkey’s guess: “As far as I know, the Japanese are rich, but Ukraine has never been on their side. They are unlikely to make a sudden contact with Ukrainian sources, moreover this will offend Ivanov’s side and this was something that that group of cautious Japanese will do.

“Continue to investigate it.” Ding Sheng slightly tighten the coffee in his hand, “No matter who, I want to send this group of war-trafficker to prison! (He referred it to politicians or leaders who are keen to provoke war to seek profit)

Just after when Ding Sheng has said this rhetoric statement, a brisk song suddenly rang.

“Gourd doll Gourd doll Gourd doll, seven flowers on a vine, not afraid of wind and rain, la la la la  …”

  • Can see the song here

“I will answer the phone!” Ding Sheng put down the coffee turned around and walked out the office.

Went into staircase where there aren’t any people, Ding Sheng pressed the answer button and the cheerful song stopped. But what followed was a voice that made Ding Sheng felt joy and surprise: “Uncle An, are you free to call me now?”

In the past six months, even though basically he wasn’t walking around in Asia but he usually will sent mail to Chen An even if there was nothing really important. He also will occasionally call him, just basically taken into the past. Chen An seemed to has never initiatively come over to meet him.

Compared to mail, Ding Sheng liked to hear Chen An’s voice more, he always felt Chen An’s voice really sounds good and gentle like Chen An himself. It really made him feel at ease and comfort.



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