Future Updates?!

Hello everyone ^^

Thank you very much for those who follow me and read my translations >.<. I knew that it is far from good but I hope people who read it may understand that I read this while translating and translating this hard language really take effort.

First, i’m sorry if the translations quality is bad.

Second, i translate it for free and on my own so please don’t say mean things … you can just stop reading it if you feel it is that bad.

Third, i am going to change the timeline for future updates which mean i am going to update it only once in a month (start from June). Even though I will only update once in a month but i am planning to update around 4-5 chapters. Basically it is the same but give me longer time to edit it and improve the translations’ flow.

Lastly, i won’t drop this novel as i like this genre hahaha but if you are interested in it and want to pick it up then you are welcome to drop me a message. I am just gonna have my popcorn, turn to be one of the casual readers again, and wait for the updates ^^


Okay then ~~ have a nice day ^^





P.S: Will update chapter 48 on Saturday ~~~



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  1. Welcome

  2. As long as you don’t drop the novel or no updates in 5-6 months. We readers are FINE

  3. Thank you for all the effort you put into your translations <3

  4. Hi…I am Widia.From Indonesia and a fan this stories.I have read your English version ‘Rebirth of Chen An’ that you have translated from Chinese and I am very excited to translate it to Indonesian.
    Therefore,I am writing this mail to ask your permission to translate RCA into Indonesian and upload it to my Wattpad account.I will be course put you on the credit so that people will also be interested to read your work.

    Thank you very much for your attention.I would be waiting for your reply soon.

    1. Hello … sure, it’s okay. Happy to hear that you are interested in my work hohoho ^^

  5. Translator-san, fighting!!! I’m still waiting for your translation♡.

    1. Ps. Thank you for your translation♡♡♡

  6. leprofessionalhobo says: Reply

    Thanks for your translation! I absolutely love this novel too! Although there are a few mistakes in the grammar, I do think your work is pretty good quality. The mistakes are not enough to become a nuisance, so don’t worry! ☺️ Please comtinue the good work!

  7. i’m glad you enjoy it, thanks for reading it ^^

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