President Shen always Top Up Money Chapter 5

The game begins ^^

Chapter 5

As soon as he finished speaking, even before he heard Shen Xing’s response, his vision suddenly turned black. When he opened his eyes again, he suddenly found himself in a simple studio apartment, without any trace of Shen Xing.

They had entered the first level.

Even if it didn’t understand his word or maybe wasn’t pleased after hearing it but it wouldn’t just run away like that right?

Besides, where’s that little ball gonna run off to?

While Wu Fei was distracted, a detailed introduction of the mission and its objectives had been announced to each player who entered this level.

[This was about the world just before the apocalypse happened and at this time many people suddenly received a message from an unknown source announcing that in seven days’ time the entire world will come to an end. However, most people only scoffed this apocalyptic announcement off and still lived their life like the usual …


Special things to be paid attention to:

1. Within this level, each planner and its contractor will be assigned according to their initial identity. The identity will created an influence in terms of follow-up move and sending bank information from the surrounding conditions.

2. The last 100 planners who remained to the end can clear the level.]

After Wu Fei digested the introduction, he had roughly understood its contents.

Obviously, the mission objectives was divided into two sections: this world would come to an end in seven days, so within those seven days, it was important to gather supplies and recruit helpers as much as possible, and even build a survival shelter fortress to prepare for survival after the apocalypse.

Yet until the apocalypse officially arrived, it’s all about meeting various challenges and trying to survive until the end.

When Wu Fei saw “the last 100 planners can pass”, his heart sank a little. This kind of elimination system was something he currently didn’t want to encounter. Only the last one hundred planners could clear this level and this implied that every planner was encouraged to go attack other planners and eliminate them so not only he didn’t want to encounter this kind of challenge level but also had to defend himself against other planners.

In the Final Plan’s official explanation, participants were collectively referred as “planners”.

In this level, the planners and their contractors have been assigned with different identities so currently he and Shen Xing had different identities in this world. It’s normal to be separated so it didn’t seem that the little cat wasn’t pleased and quietly run away.

But it was hard for Wu Fei to imagine what kind of identity will Shen Xing be assigned to: a stray cat in the school or neighborhood? Or the family’s pet? Or a little wildcat in the woods?

How was he supposed to find a cat when the world was so big, where it’s hard to even find a person?

Wu Fei began to worry, currently Shen Xing didn’t have any ability to defend himself and it was easy to accidentally be injured, he had to find a way to unite with Shen Xing as soon as possible. The contractor couldn’t really die, but each “death” will greatly weaken the contractor’s ability.

Contractors and planners in the Final Plan was matched one-to-one so even if one day he was eliminated, Shen Xing still wouldn’t be able to be anyone’s contractor and it was even more unlikely that Wu Fei would have a second contractor.

It was an end-of-the-world challenge level with one hundred survival planners to clear the level and he guessed that the level would not be too excessive.

He predicted that the level system would not scatter the planners too far apart, but rather gave them the conditions and chance to meet and clash with one another. It’s just set like the Battle Royale game in the reality, there would be “PUBG” to force players to confront one another.

He quickly went through the available game data on his hand, especially the map data, in this level he estimated that the scope of planners’ actions was only within one or two cities.

For example, he was currently in a northern city, which was a famous metropolis in this world. He guessed that at least half or even all of the planners and contractors were set to be born in this city and it’s just that they were assigned with different identities which made it impossible to realize whether the people around them are planners or indigenous people.

So although Shen Xing was only a cat but he must also be within this scope, and it wouldn’t be that hard for him to calmly think of a way to find the other party.

Thinking of this, Wu Fei calmed down and checked his own identity information at this level through his communicator.

His stage name was Jie Si Ka, a third-rate singer with a great ambition to become a popular singer, to be well known and loved by people, and for this reason he was willing to pay the price.

Obviously, his current location was Jie Si Ka’s apartment.

The science and technology background in this level was very similar with the Earth before Wu Fei’s car accident, the standard of the initial second-level civilization. Therefore there were many things that were familiar to Wufei’s eyes.

But the top priority was to find the cat back.

Just as Wu Fei was originally thinking to print and distribute some small flyers and posted it in the community and community forum like what people used to do on Earth even if he didn’t know whether it would be useful at this time, his phone rang.

Wu Fei instinctively picked it up and heard an extremely surprised male voices over the other side, “Xiao Wu, I want to tell you that your opportunity has arrived! Your fortune has turned around! I’m telling you that this is a pie in the sky, you must take advantage of it and serve President Shen well!”

Wu Fei knew in his heart that the world would end in seven days so his goal was to remain as one of the last one hundred people until the end, then cleared the level and received the money, who cares if he’s popular or not. He had lost his cat so how could he have the heart to serve someone.

He was immediately stunned and asked rhetorically, “Who is it? Who do you want me to serve well?”

“President Shen.” The man on the other side thought that he was foolishly happy so he patiently repeated it again, this time he told him the ins and outs more clearly as well, “When you were recording the program online on the other day, somehow it was seen by President Shen. Then he sent someone to find you at the office today and named you to have dinner with him at his manor in the evening. You understand what does this mean, don’t you?”

“You know that President Shen has always been very secretive and more than what meets the eye, not to mention about showing special interest to someone, so you must take this opportunity and grasp it tightly ah …” and bla bla bla the other side was still chattering.

Wu Fei slightly opened his mouth in shock and trying to confirm it again, “Which President Shen are you talking about?”

“Which other President Shen could it be?” The man felt that he was deliberately playing dumb and disdainfully said, “Of course it’s the Shen Clan’s Group, President Shen Xing.”

He thought that this time Wu Fei really had such good luck, if he was really able to climb up to President Shen, he would have an unlimited future, so he deliberately softened his tone and said some sincere and earnest wishes: “Tonight you can compose music a little bit, don’t be too anxious to flatter him and appear to rush out to his door, and don’t make too much fire. I’ll ask Xiao Liu to pick you up later on, come to the office first to get ready and be prepared, I’ll ask Xiao Liu to send you over at night.”

Wu Fei hhmmm sound echoed as he quickly browsed and digested his current identity information — the man who called him was called Zhang Hua Qiang, a data intelligence whose current identity was as his agent.

According to the information Wu Fei had received, the Final Plan had an extremely strong computing capability that could generate unlimited data intelligence in each level to form a virtual world that’s hardly differ from reality.

The Apocalypse prediction has been announced but most of the indigenous people in this level world didn’t believe the information and thought that it’s just another prank for sensationalism so they still lived as it was, and only the planners involved knew that the apocalypse would definitely become a reality in seven days.

So for the indigenous data NPCs within this level, the reality days of hoping for high position and great wealth was naturally much more important than such imaginary apocalypse prediction.

Wu Fei hung up the phone yet he still couldn’t figure out what the situation was.

Shen Xing was clearly only a cat right now — not to mention that for the time being, regardless of being a cat that could make people thought of him as the president, just from today’s call — he, a cat could also took a fancy on the hell out of him.

However, was it also possible that it was someone with the same name?

However, the identity information provided by Zhang Hua Qiang was the same as Shen Xing’s original identity card so there should be a relation between the two.

Right now it seemed that if this President Shen who Zhang Hua Qiang mentioned was really his cat, then that meant Shen Xing’s identity in this level would have some influence and the advantage was that it would be easier to gather supplies and weapons in the early stages, while the disadvantage was that a tall tree attracts the wind so he might be targeted by other planners. If he wasn’t careful then he might receive the blame.

So in regards to what he would do should be planned after he met this “Shen Xing”.

Soon, the car came to pick Wu Fei up arrived. After picking him up to his so-called company, there was someone who especially in charged to dress him up so he can look presentable.

The scale of Jie Si Ka’s company could only be called medium but there were many staffs coming and going. He could still hear the noise of people outside while he was in the dressing and make up room. Wu Fei narrowed his eyes and trying to assess the people coming and going outside the door, guessing whether there were any planners or contractors like him among them.

On his way here just now, he had conceived a plan.

As he and Shen Xing were a new planner and contractor, they still had little accumulation or equipment, neither of them was strong or has any experienced, let alone his contractor which was a cat with no fighting capability.

Wu Fei surmised that even among all combination of the old or new planners and contractors, their combination of one person and one cat would still be regarded as with the lowest fighting capability. So if they faced against other planners who had a lot of experience then the only way was to die.

Then they might as well just pretend to be indigenous people as much as they can.

If there wasn’t a conflict of interest, the planner wouldn’t bother and go after the indigenous people — just like the gamers generally won’t look for trouble with the NPCs.

This way they could have a much better chance to remain until the end.

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