President Shen always Top Up Money Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

He’s only just started the streaming, so not many people knew him or so to say there’s none.

Moreover, there were restrictions on the use of communication device in this level so upon entering the level, the planners’ communicators’ in terms of external communication function was disabled. So other than contacting their guides, they won’t be able to send or receive any messages.

Unable to communicate with the outside world, the planners in this level won’t be able to see his live streaming content nor can they receive news from the outside, so no one will easily recognize that he was also a planner, his previous plan should be feasible.

However, he was definitely not the only one who could think of this plan, so at the same time they also needed to carefully observe and identify whether the people around them were the real aborigines or the planners in disguise.

As Wu Fei was thinking over the countermeasure plan, he allowed the makeup artist behind him to fix up his hair, unaware that it was already dark. Zhang Hua Qiang went into the dressing room to urge him up to go as the makeup artist released him with a reluctant face.

As Zhang Hua Qiang accompanied Wu Fei to the car, he continuously mumbled to himself “At that time how can I signed with this guy” “He looks like a programmer” “Where could I see him going to be popular” “Anyway finally he’s lucky” ….. and so on.

Where this brother could look like a programmer, obviously he was like the standard planner appearance.

Even if he used to work overtime every day with the program master, it was unlikely that his appearance would look like a programmer right?

Wu Fei silently cursed in his heart but on the surface, he was very jittery, his black pupils flickered with expectation, and his hand tightly squeezed the hem of his jacket, seemingly somewhat at a loss for words.

He had learned from watching the live streaming that some of these planners had been participating for several years, so they have experienced hundreds of levels. He didn’t know what kind of opponents he would encounter, and as a professional gamer, he wasn’t that good at putting a play.

As a planner, there was no need to put out a play, only dislike.

F*ck God F*ck Earth F*ck Players, F*ck Perfect Technique F*ck Computer Program =.=”

So if you wanted to fool others, Wu Fei felt that the best way was to fool himself first: so from now on, he was an NPC in this level who want to become famous, the unscrupulous rookie Jie Si Ka. As for the apocalypse prediction ….. that kind of joke was something Jie Si Ka wouldn’t believe

The city of Bei Yu was like a city that never sleeps with the lights on the side of the road, the skyscrapers and the colorful neon lamp boxes in the distance as if they were illuminating the earth with thousands of stars.

But such prosperity was doomed to cease to exist in seven days. The human world will turn into an apocalypse world; the city will be reduced to ruins.

The car drove all the way to the suburbs and finally stopped in front of a huge manor on the outskirts of the city, the metal gate outside the manor was opened after the identity verification and they drove passed it.

Wu Fei has been secretly measuring up the layout of the manor, it occupied a vast area where there were two walls in the inside and outside, the innermost was a three-story building with a strict security, and the security was twice stronger than the usual apartment building.

Such a manor would also usually have a considerably wide basement that normally could store a lot of supplies. If this place was used as their survival base after the apocalypse, as long as they weren’t targeted by other planners, then their survival chance should be high.

Although in this level it was about the end of the world, but it seemed that Shen Xing’s identity was quite useful right now. No wonder the domineering persona of a President had stood tall for years.

The car stopped in the courtyard, someone who dressed as a housekeeper welcome him out, asked who was Mr. Wu Fei and then invited Wu Fei over, then politely sent Xiao Liu and Zhang Hua Qiang out.

Zhang Hua Qiang was somewhat uneasy and unwilling as he stared at Wu Fei as if he wanted to say something, but finally couldn’t say anything under the housekeeper’s smile, so regretfully he left in Xiao Liu’s car.

Only then did the houskeeper open the door to invite Wu Fei in: “Sir has already instructed that these days, except Mr. Wu, no one is allowed to disturb, so I won’t send you in.”

Wu Fei nodded, a suspicion looming in his mind.

The entrance door was cast in metal and quite heavy. At a glance, it wasn’t something that could be easily scratched by ordinary zombies.

Wu Fei was somewhat much more satisfied with the Shen’s residence.

The hall inside was spacious and empty yet elegant, the white marble floor was clean and shiny, but it looked cold because there wasn’t anyone.

Only a graceful mannered black shadow sat on the black leather sofa ——

The black kitten was sitting sideways facing the door, his dark golden eyes calmly looking at the window on the west side, its expression was solemn yet serious, like a king who was in control of everything.

But the kitten’s fluffy and rounded appearance ruined his temperament.

This was my cat, my card that I raised. I drew with my own hand.

It was mine, while mine was still mine.

At this moment, a sense of pride spontaneously arose in Wu Fei’s heart, completely diluting the disappointment he felt when he saw the R card and saw the little black cat.

This feeling was something that he never felt when he previously played a card game —— drawing SSR wasn’t possible, drawing five stars wasn’t possible, and bringing his own card to fight all over the world unmatched and in his own league also wasn’t possible ….

Then what’s the point of having a rare card? What’s the point of good at fighting? Did they financially assist you with real estate? Did they have a house this big?

Opening a card and getting several hundred million for nothing.

The black cat strolled gracefully and solemnly on the black sofa while looking at Wu Fei without moving, as if sizing something up.

“Little cat you can do it ah.” Wu Fei smiled as he walked over to the sofa and lifted the kitten up in one hand, excitedly kissing its furry forehead.

He raised his head up to look into the cat’s dark golden eyes and smiled, “Tell me, how did you find gege and manage to get a house this big?”

(I think the word gege here is referring to Wu Fei himself)

To be able to provide such house and enough money and power to prepare for the apocalypse when he was in the form of a cat, his family cat was definitely not an ordinary one. The current identity as the President Shen’s cat could play a huge role in such apocalypse zombie survival level.

The little cat became stiff when it was suddenly lifted by him in an instant and the moment it was kissed, the dark golden pupils squinted like a human being, calmly stared at Wu Fei without a word.

He was able to use his current existing identity to find him… Wu Fei judged that this little cat of his wasn’t simple, probably even a lot smarter than what he had thought, so he somewhat happily asked, “Your current identity is similar to the information on your identity card, En … I want to ask regarding the identity you’ve been assigned in this level is related to the original identity you’re assigned in the card?”

If it was related, when he had multiple identity cards later on, he might be able to use those to match Shen Xing with the right identity based on the information before entering the level.

The little black cat looked at him sullenly, insisting that silence was golden.

“No need to speak, I know you can’t speak either, little weak cat. If it’s yes, then just meow.”

“Can’t meow?” Wu Fei waited for the cat to respond, he held Shen Xing closer with his left hand and patted on his chin with his right hand, giving him a few light rub, “Little cat, you’re not a little dumb cat right?”

From the beginning when he had drawn this cat as his contractor, the other party continued to remain silent.

The kitten deflected his head, avoiding Wu Fei’s hand.

“Poor little thing.” Wu Fei flicked its head again, causing both of his ears to shiver, “Don’t be afraid, gege will protect you. It’s okay even if you can’t say meow.”

“So okay, gege will speak again. Do you understand what I said? If you don’t want to meow, can you just nod? Will you nod?”

The little black cat, however, still only half-opened its dark golden eyes and silently confronted him without any reaction.

After waiting for half a day, Wu Fei put the cat back on the sofa with some disappointment and patted its head, “Okay, you can play with yourself for a while.”

He might have expected too much from his contractor, who was clearly only an innocent little cat. It was as if it’s still a little scared.

Shen Xing was placed back on the sofa, his dark golden eyes calmly looking at the human in front of him for a while, and then closed its eyes not paying attention to him again.

Wu Fei had seen a theory while watching the live streaming. The theory mentioned that every contractor would have at least one SSS level identity card and every contractor practically would have more than one race identity.

Shen Xing’s current identity information on the card was written as a human race, but in reality he was a cat. He wondered if it would still be like that or not if he drew another identity card, or maybe his external form would differ to some extent after he drew another identity card of other races.

He silently plotting in his heart, based on his speculation, the current unfavorable situation of his and Shen Xing was now very clear: Shen Xing should have only recently entered this world, although the identity he was assigned to was similar with his initial identity on the identity card, but from everyone’s perception around him he should be a human, not a cat. Therefore, they have to be more careful in their action to avoid revealing any flaws.

As for why he received the news that “President Shen is interested in you”, it might came from this little cat who manipulating it from the dark, and it’s also possible that it’s the help from the system or novice halo.

Wu Fei didn’t believe in such thing like a pie falling from the sky, so he believed that it should be the first speculation. However, the little cat was completely uncooperative and put on an unmoving look, which made Wu Fei doubt his guess again. But from any angle he looked, that guy was only a withdrawn little cat.

While Wu Fei was stunned, a message came to his communicator.

[“Announcement No. 1 on S level secondary mission: find and keep blood serum from an experiment, time limit: 10 days, rewards: one opportunity to draw card, 5000 points, a random secret treasure of A level or higher.”

“Announcement No. 2 S level secondary mission: find a shelter and store up supplies, time limit: 7 days, rewards: it will be issued after the mission is over according to the rating of the owned shelter and stockpiled supplies.”]

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