President Shen always Top Up Money Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

The sudden issued missions made Wu Fei somewhat silly.

Although he had seen such situation when he previously watched the live streaming, Wu Fei didn’t really understand the specifics of these missions, so he contacted Miss Lulu to clarify the situations.

Meanwhile, President Shen had unabashedly walked to the other side of the sofa with graceful cat steps.

He’d somehow managed to get himself a pair of optical glasses to protect his eyesight, put his right paw on the mouse, and gracefully started browsing the information on the laptop with ease, looking so serious and focused, completely ignoring him who was standing beside him.

Really looked like a real CEO … a cat CEO

Wu Fei was stunned, just as he was startled, Miss Lulu’s translucent virtual image suddenly appeared in front of him, introducing the content of the missions.

He could only temporarily put aside his doubts about his own little cat and carefully listened to Lulu’s explanation.

“There are many levels where missions are issued to planners, secondary mission is usually issued to all participants in the level, and you will receive rewards if you complete it, but it won’t affect the clearance if you don’t complete it. In addition, there was also a special mission that requires specific conditions before it is triggered, I’ll explain it to you when you encounter it.”

“Planner points will allow you to upgrade your rank, upgrading rank will allow you to upgrade your abilities; secret treasures have different special functions; I don’t need to explain about the card draw opportunity, but it’s a waste for you right now because you’re only using 648 yuan to draw a card once.”

Actually, it’s just like in a game, completing missions and receiving experience and money. Points were equivalent to experience, and all other rewards could be converted into money.

Wu Fei also wanted to earn money and experience as much as possible, but he quickly gave up when he heard Miss Lulu say “issued to all planners in the level.” Right now his first concern was to clear the level and the temporary arrangement that he had to clear the level was to pretend to be a naïve NPC to survive until the end. If he tried to complete those two missions with great fanfare, other planners would likely able to find out his identity, and his strategy wouldn’t work anymore.

Of course, he wouldn’t refuse if he could smoothly complete the missions along with the clearance.

After learning the information he wanted to know, as soon as Miss Lulu disappeared, Wu Fei turned around to look for his own extraordinary little cat, only to find out that when he turned back ————— the cat was gone.


Lin San Sen was a media worker for games.

Before Earth joined the Universe Union and implemented major technological changes, he was researching industry trends, discovering valuable games, writing articles, and making videos. Then alien technology came in and technology revolution happened on Earth, so then he specialized in media related to the “Final Project”.

Now he spent half of his time every day watching live streaming of the Final Project, he will compile the highlights into a review video or article and posted it on the website.

However, there were many online news media people on other planets who also specialized in the Final Plan and doing the same thing like him, and compared to those people who were more experienced and famous, Lin San Sen didn’t have any advantages.

Therefore, he would pay more attention to the planners from Earth, because he found that the Earthlings still preferred news about Earth planners, and as for those alien media, there’s nothing out of the ordinary from Earth and it’s only one among 157 second level civilizations. There were just a very few Earth planners who had risen to the Golden Level so far, so there was no worth paying close attention to it.

By focusing on Earth planners, he would be able to attract more traffic from Earth.

Therefore, he would also pay special attention to the new Earth planners who have joined and enabled the live streaming function, hoping to find promising players who have the potential to compete with the famous Diamond planners in the future.

Although there were still planners above the Diamond level but Diamond was already an unattainable level for him —— from Bronze, Steel, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Purple Gold to Diamond, there were six levels to go through.

It would be amazing if he could really follow an Earth planner all the way up to Diamond level!

However currently, the number of Earthlings who entered the Final Plan was not that many compared to other planets. First, it was because this game was still new on Earth. Second, it was because each person only has one chance to participate in a lifetime, so many Earthlings who have planned to participate also preparing for a few more years to enter when they were ready.

Today, Lin San Sen didn’t plan to dig out new seed. Recently, he planned to watch some exciting live streaming of the final plan god-level planners from every big planet and produced a quarterly classic clearance review column. After coming, he didn’t expect that the live streaming area of the final plan was very lively and crowded everywhere. The gaming area was also several times as crowded as it was on the weekdays.

He was asking around the people next to him and finally knew. It turned out that the three members of the Fei Dian Team’s “Sixth Team” has ended their resting period and entered the same level.

Currently, there were only three forth-level civilization planets in the Universe: Planet Dirk, Planet 007 and Planet Fei Dian.

These three forth-level planets were competing with each other, forming a triumvirate of three, eyeing the remnants of the fallen fifth-level civilization like a tiger watching its prey, so they have invested a lot of resources to select and form their own best planet’s team to participate in the final plan.

In addition, the third level planets and some of the second level planets that attached importance to the final plan also had their own teams. However, no matter if it was from the skill of team members or from resources background, there’s still a big gap between most of the second and third level planets’ teams and the fourth level planets while an emerging second level civilization like Earth hadn’t even formed its own team.

The planets were responsible to invest which team went to the final plan so team members also have to show their own value or they will be eliminated. It was said that the lowest level of planners in these teams were in the Diamond level.

However, the members themselves had no shortage of money or popularity, and in order to make it easier to level up and avoid exposing themselves to their opponents, most of them didn’t open the live streaming, so it’s difficult for an average person to see them. Usually one could only get a glimpse of those team members when other planners who were doing live streaming encountered them.

Looking from the serial number, the sixth team should be the new Fei Dian’s team. This time it was also an anchor nicknamed “Big Dumb Dumb Dumb Bear” who was eliminated by them which then exposed their tracks and attracting many viewers.

Lin San Sen was stunned for a long time that Big Dumb Dumb Dumb Bear was eliminated, because Big Dumb Dumb Dumb Bear was not only an Earth Planner but also his townsmen, and was just a few points away from being promoted to the Gold level, he also didn’t expect to encounter the team member at this time.

Even so, the live streaming of where Big Dumb Dumb Dumb Bear was previously located was all skyrocketing in terms of popularity. Everyone was hoping to get another glimpse of the team members’ graceful bearing from others’ live streaming.

Lin San Sen also hurried to follow along and learn more about this entry level information:

[It was a zombie apocalypse survival level that could only be cleared by the last 100 survivors;

In the beginning there was an announcement about two S-level secondary missions, it was an SS entry level, the level difficulty itself was around medium, but the pressure should come mainly from other planners;

The total number of participants in this level wasn’t known, but there were about 474 planners in this level who were currently doing live streaming;

The planners whose level was above Silver were given a special mission: eliminate other planners in this level. Planners can increase their own clearance rewards accordingly, based on the strength of the other party.]

—— En, so if you found other planners, you can try to get rid them as many as you can, it’s not a crime.

Lin San Sen habitually noted this information, pondering which reports he was going to publish, when suddenly discovered that there was another person from Earth among those 474 planners’ live streaming on that level.

In addition, looking from the level and live streaming serial number, he should be a newcomer who entered this level for the first time.

After hesitating a bit, Lin San Sen entered the live streaming room of the newcomer from Earth named “Wu Fei”.

To be honest, it’s only the first level and one couldn’t really tell anything, if the contractor’s identity card wasn’t strong enough or the planner itself wasn’t well prepared and lacks experience, then it’s easy to be eliminated even on the first level. The SS level was very difficult for simple newcomers.

But it also wouldn’t take a long time to just go in and look around, because what if he could find a dark horse?

Coincidentally, looking from his name, this newcomer should still be fellow citizen of the same country. The Final Plan’s live streaming would only show which planet the live streamer was from and not the detailed nationality, so Lin San Sen was also unsure about this.

Lin San Sen entered the asx1314 live streaming room with this idea, and then saw that no contractor seemed to be by this newcomer side, and the planner himself also wasn’t as busy as others who rushed to store supplies and make preparation to build refuge base. Instead he was strolling around looking for a cat in a seemingly grand and luxurious mansion?

He inwardly shook his head as he looked at this newcomer in front of him who wasn’t aware of the live streaming and also wasn’t self-conscious about his every move broadcasted in the live streaming.

Lin San Sen hadn’t yet figured out what this new planner called Wu Fei was doing while at this time the live streaming room of the final plan suddenly became noisy and many people hurriedly appeared from various live streaming rooms, and rushed into a room that had just recently turned on.

The good thing was that the capacity of the virtual live streaming room was infinite, so you can only see the bustling silhouettes of people rushing in and out, but won’t feel crowded even on the slightest bit. If in reality, it was absolutely impossible to squeeze in such density and there might even be an incident of people being trampled on.

Lin San Sen took another look at the live streaming in front of him, no longer felt nostalgic, he quickly came out from asx1314 live streaming room, and squeezed in the direction of the crowd.

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