Rebirth of Brotherly Love Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Perhaps it was because the AC’s temperature was too low, he couldn’t sleep well tonight. He always felt a strange cold coming all over his body, that cold feeling could not be eased even if he had wrapped his body tightly with the quilt. Between the half-dreaming and half-awake, many strange scenes suddenly appeared before his eyes.

The woman in the picture became a three-dimensional figure in his dream, with a gentle and affectionate smile, she was beaming with smile and waved at the Xiao An Luo, “Xiao Luo Xiao Luo, come take a picture, here, come here.” The Xiao An Luo in the dream reluctantly walked over to her, she held the small him with a pouting face, pinched his face, touched his head, and arranged all kinds of strange poses to take pictures.

The dream was very in disorder, there are many unfamiliar scenes about the woman quickly replayed before his eyes. The sun was shining brightly in the countryside, the delicious smell of the beef on the barbeque grill, and the woman held Xiao An Luo’s warm hand … Finally, the scene stopped when the car turned over towards the hill and exploded, then he heard Xiao An Luo screamed out loud calling Mommy … Mommy!!

He suddenly awoke from his dream, he sat up straight from the bed and met a pair of dark eyes.

“What’s wrong gege?” An Ze sat down beside the bed. He reached out his hand and gently touched An Luo’s forehead.

“Nothing, it’s just a nightmare.” He turned his head to avoid his hands, clenching his fingers on the quilt and panting sharply. The horrible dream made his face somewhat unnaturally pale, his clothes were in a terrible mess and the all buttons were loosened, exposing a wide and fair chest.

An Ze looked at his gege pale and panting face and as if he was considering something, his gaze gradually became deeper.

After a while, he was finally able to calm down. He controlled his fierce heartbeat and looked down, only to find that his upper body was disheveled, almost completely naked, while An Ze’s gaze was ……

Although they were all men, but it still made him a bit embarrassed to be seen in the early morning like this, he lowered his face and said, “Please knock on the door before you come into my bedroom in the future, this is the most basic courtesy.”

An Ze whispered, “I knocked but you didn’t hear.”

“…….” He just lazily ignored him and tried to turn around to get off the bed, but he was gently pulled into someone’s arm.

“What’s with the injuries on your body?” An Ze pointed at a few shallow scars on his lower abdomen.

He had just woken up in the hospital ward with severe whiplash wounds on his body’s chest and abdomen. He had to clean his wounds every day during those days and change his medication. After a period of time, those wounds had basically healed by now, but still left some obvious pale pink scars that looked very obvious compared to his fair complexion.

He looked down at the scar on his abdomen and frowned, “I don’t remember, probably from the kidnapping.”

An Ze’s pupils contracted slightly, he was silent for a while before reaching out his hand and gently touched the wound, “Does it still hurt?”

He faintly said, “If it were you, would you care about this little injury?”

An Ze didn’t speak, but the look on his face had shown him the answer.

So he said, “Neither would I.”

As a man, he didn’t care about the small wound on his body, he completely didn’t care about such scars at all, in his previous life he had walked on the tip of a knife which was worse than this so many times, he has experienced a surprise attack when he was out, his leg was shot by a bullet and the blood keep flowing, he just gritted his teeth and tore his shirt to wrap it to his right leg, took out his gun and shot out some of his killers, then dragged his injured right leg into the car and smoothly escape.

So this kind of whiplash injuries was a piece of cake for him.

He lowered his head and properly fastened his pajamas’ button. Although An Ze’s gaze made him a little uncomfortable, but he quickly ignored this discomfort of being watched … he lifted the quilts and sat on the side of the bed. Then he glanced at An Ze and said, “Take me to the bathroom, I want to wash my face.”

Hearing his sort of like a commanding tone, An Ze couldn’t help but to slightly raise the corners of his lips, he reached out both of his arms and gently picked him up, placing him on the wheelchair he had just brought with him, before pushing him into the bathroom.

An Luo said, “You can go out first.”

But he didn’t go out.

So An Luo just glanced at him, “If you’re interested, you can also watch me brushing my teeth.”

Then he nodded. He literally stood there with an upright face as he watched him brushing his teeth, as if he were observing a serious military exercise.

An Luo ignored him and he turned around to wash his face and brush his teeth, minding his own business. After he was done and ready he said, “Take me downstairs.”

“Okay.” An Ze came over to him earnestly, he leaned down and tried to carry him, but his movements abruptly stopped as his hand passed under his leg, he look up at him and said, “Gege today you seem like you didn’t mind about me carrying you downstairs?”

An Luo said, “Because I don’t want to crawl down stairs like a zombie.”

An Ze imagined the scene and couldn’t help but smile, “Gege actually makes such cold jokes.”

Then An Luo said, “I didn’t tell any jokes.”

“En, this one’s is colder.”

“…… ” he didn’t feel to retort it. An Ze’s personality was probably like that, it would be useless for him to refute it on things he already set his mind on.

As they both walked out of the bedroom, they happened to see An Mo who had just woke up. An Ze said to him, “Good morning.” Then he just ignored him and continued hugging his gege down stairs.

An Mo smiled and said, “Why gege wake up so early?”

He said, “I was woken up by someone.”

An Ze only glanced at him, not speaking.


Downstairs at the dining table, An Yu Dong was sitting there reading newspaper. When he saw An Luo was carried downstairs by An Ze, he smiled and said, “An Luo, what are you going to do by waking up so early, you can just have more sleep.”

An Luo said, “It’s okay, yesterday I slept early.”

As they spoke there was breakfast on the table. An Yu Dong put down the newspaper and said, “Then let’s eat breakfast together.”

An Luo glanced at the newspaper and found that it was the latest weekly entertainment publication. The big headline on it seemed to be related with Hua An Group, An Luo had more or less learned the situations from watching the news every day during his hospitalization, the Hua An Group was the industry under the An family was currently one of the three giants entertainment industry, grooming a large number of first-tier stars, including his second brother An Yan.

An Luo asked somewhat puzzled, “Dad, is there something wrong with the company?”

An Yu Dong smiled and said, “This is not something you need to worry about, just rest assured and recuperate at home.”

Although he said it like that but he felt that since he had been reborn into the An family, he could not just eat and live from their care and not care about anything like a rice worm. However right now the current immobile him can’t help much, he could only talk about it after a while.

He lowered his head and ate his breakfast in silence, waiting until he had finished eating, he said, “By the way, Dad, I want to change my bedroom to downstairs.”

An Ze said, “Gege you can just change it with me, my bedroom is on the first floor, you come and live directly.”

“No need.” He rejected him without the slightest hesitation and turned his head to look at An Yu Dong, ”Dad, is there a spare room downstairs? I want to rearrange a bedroom.”

An Yu Dong smiled and said, “There’s a spare guest room downstairs, do you think you can arrange it as your bedroom?”

He nodded, “Okay.”


After breakfast, An Yu Dong went to the office to work, An Mo said he was going to a party with friends, so there was only An Luo and An Ze left at home.

The nimble servant quickly tidied up a new bedroom and set it up exactly as what An Luo had instructed, all sheets and quilts were newly purchased. By the time it was lunch time, An Luo wiped the sweat from his forehead, sat down in his wheelchair, looked quite satisfied at the new bedroom layout that he had finished according to his preference.

Suddenly, An Ze opened the door, walked in, then closed the door.

He had a calm expression on his face, unable to see any emotion, he only whispered, “Just switch the room with me, why go to all this trouble and tidy it up again?”

An Luo didn’t speak.

An Ze looked at him and asked, “Gege hates sleeping in my bedroom?”

He was silent for a moment, then he looked up and said, “An Ze, come here.”

An Ze frowned and walked over to him. He beckoned for him to get closer and then slowly An Ze got closer again, close enough to feel each other’s breath.

The ambiguous distance made the air almost freeze, and after half a day, An Ze finally spoke suspiciously, “Gege?”

He leaned his head a bit then moved closer to his ear, and said in one word, “I suspect that someone has installed a wiretap bug in my bedroom on the third floor.”


Unlike the coldness on his face, the breath come from his words on his ear was warm and soft, as if a feather had gently brushed the bottom of his heart.

He raised his head and met An Luo’s calm yet serious gaze.

“I don’t want you to be bugged, do you understand?” An Luo said.

An Ze nodded, he also moved closer to his ear and whispering, “How did gege find out?”


An Ze was silent for a while and said, “So gege is just going by intuition and doesn’t have any evidence?”

He was somewhat unhappy to be questioned by An Ze but he couldn’t refute An Ze’s conclusion either.

He did decide it by instinct because previously he had walked at the tip of a knife and almost constantly on guard for traitors and undercover agents around him for years so his senses was actually sharper than normal person. He had a strange intuition that he was certainly monitored, otherwise, the An family’s eldest young master inexplicably would not have disappeared for three days and nearly killed without the police being able to find any clues.

When he held that picture frame yesterday, he was keenly aware that the frame was double layered, there seemed to be signs that it had been opened, and the angle at which the frame was placed was not on the right side. It had obviously been moved, if someone had put a bug in it ….

He decided to tell An Ze about this suspicion, “I found out …”

Unexpectedly, An Ze suddenly turned his head.

An Luo, who had wanted to moved closer to his ear to talk, couldn’t stop in time, and as a result his lips bumped into An Ze’s lips.

The author note: take the initiative to kiss your brother, ahem, ahem, this way is not good isn’t it Xiao Luo?

An Luo (blushing with embarrassment): it’s not like I did it on purpose, who knew he suddenly came closer…..

An Ze (smiling): That’s okay, I don’t mind.

An Yan: Not only do you not mind, but you are looking forward to it =.=

An Ze: ^_^

An Yan: Don’t try to be cute like me!

TL Note: Wow … our first physical relation ^^

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