Rebirth of Brotherly Love Chapter 16

Chapter 16

In the afternoon, An Yu Dong suddenly called and said in a gentle tone, “An Luo, Dad has a dinner party tonight and won’t be home for dinner so if you want to eat something just directly say it to your fourth brother.”

An Luo had gradually adjusted to his father’s concern for him, nodded and said, “Okay.”

An Yu Dong said again, “I heard from Xiao Mo that An Yan has also come home today, it’s rare for you and four brothers can get together, you should have a good talk with them.”

An Luo said, “I know, dad.”

Only then did An Yu Dong be at ease and hang up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, An Luo turned around his wheelchair to the living room and found only An Mo was sitting alone on the sofa while eating fruit, both An Yan and An Ze wasn’t there.

When An Mo saw him, he immediately smiled and said, “Gege, come and eat the fruit, the grapes An Yan brought are very fresh.” He seemed to be a glutton as whenever he was free, he would definitely have a plate of fruit on his hand.

An Luo slid his wheelchair over to the table and picked up a bunch of grapes, plucked one of it and put it in his mouth, slightly frowned because it was too sweet. Then he put back the rest of it into the fruit plate and said, “It’s too sweet.”

An Mo earnestly said, “This black grape is a new variety bred by genetic modification so the taste is very sweet. If gege doesn’t like the sweet ones then you can try the green kind, the green one is sour.” After he said, he directly handed over a bunch of green grapes with water droplets to him.

An Luo had no interest at all in the sweet and sour grapes he was talking about, stopping An Mo to pass him another grapes, he said in a low voice, “No need, you can eat it yourself.”

“Oh.” An Mo smiled and brought the grapes back, picking them one by one and eating them himself.

An Luo was silent for a moment, wondering and asked, “Where are An Ze and An Yan?”

An Mo replied, “They went to play tennis.”

An Luo slightly frowned, “Playing tennis?”

An Mo nodded, “En, they both love to play tennis, there is a tennis court at the back of the villa, An Ze said that he was free in the afternoon and happened to have something to talk about so he called An Yan to go out and play tennis.”

There was a sudden strange feeling in An Luo’s heart, it seemed like An Ze had intentionally sent An Yan away.

When they were in his bedroom earlier, there was an intense emotion that flashed instantly through An Ze’s eyes which made An Luo’s heart a little uneasy. He didn’t know what had happened between these brothers, and he didn’t understand the reason behind that kind of emotion, but he just got the intuition that made him feel like An Ze’s attitude towards his brother wasn’t so simple.

Looking out of window in the living room, in the tennis court that was not that far, there were two tall young men seriously playing tennis, obviously they weren’t casually playing it just for fun, there was clearly an intense fight between you and me hand-to-hand.

An Ze was wearing a black tank top, the sweat on his wheat-colored skin glistening in the sunlight, revealing his strong and beautiful muscles, this kind of outfit made his body look very sexy and attractive, when he run and moved it was like a vigorous leopard lurking in the forest.

His movement when he played tennis and his temperament was the same. He was calm, decisive, simply hit the ball very powerfully, fast and fierce, making his opponent basically couldn’t resist. Fortunately An Yan’s skill was also very good, to use softness to conquer strength, one of the brothers used speed and strength, while the other was with skill and tricks. They fought for a long time, some win and lose, but in the end, they were evenly matched.

It was undoubtedly a very intense and wonderful match.

Sitting in front of the living room window, An Luo watched the tennis match absent mindedly and some fragmentary images from his past life appeared in front of him. An Yang often went to the tennis court to play with his lover, Su Zi Hang, and after watching once, An Luo never wanted to go again because standing on the sidelines while seeing the two of them smiling at each other would only make his heart breaking.

In the world of An Yang and Su Zi Hang, he could only be a spectator forever.

He didn’t expect that unexpectedly An Yang and Su Zi Hang these two familiar names has gradually become vague memory after his rebirth. The two faces he saw clearly now belonged to his two little brothers after his rebirth — An Yan and An Ze.

An Luo looked at his two brothers in a complicated mood from out of the window. Although he hadn’t had much contact with them so far until now but he had had the general idea about their different personalities, regardless of the arrogant An Yan or the calm of An Ze, neither of them had the personalities that An Luo liked, instead his cousin An Mo was the one who he could get along most easily with.

Seeming to have sensed An Luo’s gaze, An Ze suddenly turned his head and looked towards the living room.

Although there was a glass window between the two of them, the penetrating power along with a sharp gaze pierced straight into his heart instantly. The dark eyes that seemed to be able to know everything made An Luo’s heart slightly tremble and he couldn’t help but to grip the handle of the wheelchair.

He wasn’t used to look at someone face-to-face like this and he didn’t like the feeling of someone being able to see through his heart. The cold shell that he had been so hard to construct would never allow anyone to intrude without permission.

An Luo moved away his gaze without a word, ignoring him and turning the wheelchair back into the living room.


After An Luo turned around, the brothers also stopped moving as they were standing in the tennis court behind the villa. An Ze raised his chin as he looked at the lawn far away and said: “Let’s take a walk over there, I have something to say to you.”

An Yan smiled: “What is so mysterious that make you have to say it outside?”

Without answering, An Ze ignored him and bent over to collect his racket then walked in the direction of the lawn.

An Yan had no choice but to shrug his shoulders and followed his footsteps.

The An’s Family villa was very secluded and there were no other residents around so An Yan could take off his sunglasses after he went home. The paparazzi couldn’t possibly chase after their An’s family territory so he wasn’t worried about being recognized.

Walking to the lawn and found a big cool tree to sit down under, An Yan’s face looked very relaxed, “There is no wall that has ears so you can just say what you want to say, no need to worry.”

An Ze stood beside him, his face looked calm and as he lowered his head, he deliberately lowered his voice and said, “An Yan, the last time you went to the hospital to see gege but being found by the press was actually something intentional, right?”

An Yan stretched his back, “What do you think?”

“You went home to see him in the hospital and happened to be photographed by the press, the media would naturally assume that you turned down the crew’s invitation to take care of your older brother but you know very well what the real reason is.” An Ze slightly frowned and his gaze also sharpen, “You dragged your gege into the water with you, only to have him serve as a shield to cover up the fact that you were having a big argument with Xu Shao Qian right?”

An Yan slightly raised the corner of his lips, “You’re really well-informed, you even know this kind of secret with whom I don’t get along with, you are simply wasting your talent if you don’t become a paparazzi.”

“If I want to know something, naturally I have a way to know it.”

An Yan smiled and changed the topic, “Seeing gege in the news in a wheelchair really make you distressed huh?”

An Ze didn’t say anything.

An Yan said, “However, you can’t be mad at me even if you’re distressed, this time it’s really an accident, I didn’t expect that they would ambush me near the hospital. The news of my return to China should only be known by a handful of people, obviously someone tipped me off in advance, I’ll look into this matter as well.” An Yan narrowed his eyes, paused, and said with a serious face, “Although I was very naughty when I was young and liked to pull gege as my shield every time I made a mistake, but it’s different now, I do things appropriately, please don’t worry about that.”

An Ze was silent for a while before he whispered word by word, “Don’t let this trivial matters such as entertainment industry affect him. This is my bottom line and you shouldn’t touch it for the second time.”

An Yan smiled and saluted at him and said, “Yes, Major An Ze.”

An Ze looked at him then turned around to leave.

Just a few steps away, he suddenly heard An Yan behind him saying in a low voice, “An Ze, have you ever thought that even if you protect him, he actually won’t care about it at all.”

An Ze stopped suddenly.

“You’ll never get anything back for what you do. No matter how much you have done for him, he won’t even bother to give you a smile.” An Yan stood up and looked at An Ze’s stiff back, “In his eyes, you’re just a younger brother, and the least important one. The last person he likes is you, the fourth brother, don’t you know?”

An Ze didn’t say anything.

An Yan smiled, “You and him won’t end up together, you should know this fact better than I do.”

An Ze turned back, “So what?”

An Yan looked at him with an interested look.

An Ze looked very calm and quietly said, “I only do what I think I have to do. As for whether he returns it or not, that’s his freedom.”

With that he turned away decisively, his steps was firm and seemed to as resolute as ever, as if there wasn’t any difficulty that could bring him down.

However what no one saw was in that split second when he turned around, An Ze lightly clenched his fists and resolutely let his nails pierce his hands.

Everything that An Yan said was very clear to him, and every word was like to add insult to his injury.

In his brother’s heart, no matter whether it was An Yan who liked to pretend to be pitiful and cause trouble or An Mo who loved to eat fruits and well-behaved, were more important than An Ze who was very sensible since childhood.

If one day, all three brothers were seriously injured, then gege would first go and take care of the most well-behaved and obedient An Mo, next it would be An Yan, the one who liked to pretend to be pitiful. As for him the fourth brother, he would be last for him to find time and come over to see him to see if, whether his fourth brother had take good care of the wound himself.

If someday something happened to An Mo, he would be heartbroken and watch over him at his side; if someday An Yan went into an accident, he would also call and asked in a low voice; if one day, the fourth brother An Ze died honorably when he was carrying out his mission, then he would probably only sigh at his grave and said, “I told you long ago that you shouldn’t have gone to military school.”

He wouldn’t even shed a tear for him.

However, he would never know the real reason why his fourth brother went to military school.

After so many years, long ago, he had become accustomed to his indifference and neglect. He knew that out of his three younger brothers, his brother disliked him the most but although he clearly knew that this was the truth, every time he heard someone speak directly about it, he felt sad.

An Ze originally thought that he had been honing his self-discipline in the army for several years and had experienced so many life and death trials, and had long since trained to be firm and calm with a hard-hearted personality.

But he was incapable to ignore that there was still a soft spot set aside for that person deep in his heart.

His name was An Luo, the only soft spot in An Ze’s heart.

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