Rebirth of Brotherly Love Chapter 17

Chapter 17

When An Ze returned home, An Luo and An Mo were sitting in the living room eating fruit. An Ze walked towards An Luo and whispered, “Gege has you have enough rest?”

An Luo nodded, “En, I have rested for two hours.”

An Ze smiled, “Are you hungry? Do you have something you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.”

The door suddenly rang, An Yan entered and interrupted him, “I want to eat noodles.”

An Ze ignored him and asked, “Gege?”

An Luo looked into An Yan’s smiling eyes, thought for a while and said, “Then let’s eat noodles.”

With a smug smile, An Yan turned and went to the bathroom to bathe. An Ze gave him a cold look then turned to the kitchen while An Mo continued to eat his grapes with a not-my-business look on his face.

An Luo felt that there was something wrong with the mood, he was silent for a moment but couldn’t help and asked: “Xiao Mo, were the two of them also like this in the past and never got along?”

With a grape in his mouth, An Mo said, “Well, yeah, they were unable to get along since they were kids.”

An Luo wondered, “What was the reason?”

“It’s probably because their personality is very different.” An Mo smiled and said, “Gege, don’t think too much about it. It’s normal for brothers to quarrel with each other, I’m used to listening to their quarrel for so many years, it’s fine as long as they don’t hit each other.”

An Luo was surprised, “They’ll hit each other?”

“Yeah, they used to do that, the most extreme one was probably on the senior year of high school when An Ze punched An Yan and it nearly broke An Yan’s nose. An Yan came to you with a nosebleed and complained, then you ruthlessly scolded An Ze and ignored him for a whole month. He never dared to do it again after that.”

“… oh.” Both of them sounded pretty childish.

An Luo looked back at the direction of the kitchen, he really couldn’t associate the calm and collected An Ze to the adolescent who had hit An Yan together.


When An Yan had took a bath, he walked to the living room and sat on the sofa while eating fruit, he smiled and asked, “Gege, what do you think of An Ze?”

An Luo asked, “From which aspect?”

“What do you think about … his qualifications as a lover?”

An Luo thought about it and said, “Everyone has a different standards.”

An Yan tried to ask in detail, “What about gege?”

An Luo lightly frowned, “Why do you ask?”

An Yan smiled and said, “I’m just curious, if I know what type of person gege likes then I can also keep an eye out and look for a good girlfriend for you.”

An Luo looked at him, “Don’t worry about that.”

Just right at this moment, An Ze carried out noodles from the kitchen and urged them, “Come and eat.”

An Yan then stopped the conversation and pushed An Luo’s wheelchair to the dining room.

Several bowls of noodles had been set out on the dining table by An Ze, there were also two plates of vegetables placed in the middle. An Yan leaned over to sniff, he took a deep breath, and praised: “So fragrant, our Old Four’s cooking skill is really getting better and better, whoever is with him in the future will be very blessed.” Then he glanced at An Luo, “Am I right gege?”

“En.” An Luo faintly responded and took the chopsticks from An Ze’s hands then he lowered his head to eat his own fill.

An Ze looked at his brother who had a calm expression and said in a low voice, “You guys eat, I’m going to take a bath first.”

He said it then simply walked away.

By the time he finished, it was half an hour later, and the food on the plates had long since been eaten, however there was a bowl fully filled with vegetable set aside alone on the table.

An Yan smilingly pointed at the bowl and said, “An Ze, it is specially left for you by gege in case you’re not full.”

An Ze turned his head and looked at An Luo, his gaze was full of surprise.

Embarrassed, An Luo avoided his gaze and said in a low voice, “The food has gone cold so you can go and warm it up before you eat.”

An Ze faintly smiled and came over to gently pat the back of An Luo’s hand, “Thank you gege.”

An Ze’s body temperature was very high because he had just took a bath and the way he patted his hand left a warm sensation on the back of his hand.

He didn’t know why, it’s obvious that it’s only a logical concern for his fourth brother who cooked the meal himself. However, under An Yan’s profound smile, An Luo felt uncomfortable in his heart.

Maybe it was because he rarely initiatively concerned about other people?


After dinner, the brothers sat on the sofa in the living room to watch TV. The four grown men watching TV dramas together was actually a boring thing, An Ze directly grabbed the remote control and changed it to sports channel, unfortunately there wasn’t any interesting competition today. The four of them sat in the living room and no one spoke so the mood was a bit awkward.

An Yan suddenly suggested, “It’s hard for four of us to get together, why don’t we play mahjong?”

An Ze just ignored him An Mo was still eating grapes with his head down.

An Yan who was ignored, without any better option he walk slowly to An Luo’s side with a smiling face and fawning, “Ge, what do you think? It’s been a long time since we played mahjong and it’s so hard to have a table with the complete four of us.”

An Luo looked back at him, “I don’t know how to play mahjong.”

An Yan smiled and said, “Then poker is also fine.”

An Luo calmly said, “I don’t know how to play poker either.”

Gege …”

“Go back and sit.” An Luo pointed to the sofa across him.

“…….” An Yan could only let the wheelchair go and lay back down on the sofa with resentment.

In the middle-break-time of the sports match, An Yan’s clothing advertisement was broadcasted on the TV, looking at An Yan on the TV, who was as handsome as the natural and unrestrained prince, and then at An Yan who was lying on the sofa like a mangy dog, An Luo couldn’t help but froze and twitch his mouth – this second brother was really a freak.

After watching a boring TV show for a while, An Mo finally finished his plate of grapes and yawned before going back to bed early. An Yan also went back to his bedroom and going online. An Ze turned off the TV, looked back at An Luo, and whispered, “It’s late, gege should get a rest too.”

An Luo did feel sleepy so he nodded his head and said, “Okay.”

An Ze then pushed the wheelchair into his bedroom, helped him get into the bed, and carefully covered him with the blanket before saying, “Good night gege.”

An Luo felt his eyelids was very heavy and An Ze’s face in front of him was becoming fuzzy. He couldn’t even say the word goodnight before closing his eyes and falling into a deep sleep.

Everyone was asleep, the lights in the living room were turned off, and the An’s Family villa gradually fell into a silence.

It started raining outside the window at some point and the pattering raindrops hitting the window also started to make rhythmic ticking sound. The sound of rain became clearer in the silence as it was already very late at night, but still could not wake up the people who were in a deep sleep.


At one o’clock in the morning, an extremely faint light suddenly lit up in a room located in the corner of the first floor of An’s home.

The faint light shone all the way to the doorway of An Luo’s bedroom, and as the light source moved, the footsteps of the leather shoes created a light but clear sound as it touched the floor, even created a low echo.

An Luo’s bedroom door was slightly pushed open slightly and someone walked in.

Taking an opportunity to look at the person’s peaceful sleeping face lying on the bed with the light of his phone — it was unlike the cold and arrogant wooden face when he was awake. His long eyelashes covered his eyes when he was sleeping which made him looked much gentler than the usual.

Unable to resist, An Ze reached out his hand and gently touched his cheek, in a reluctant manner he slide his thumb to the seemingly cold lips then leaned down and imprinted a gentle kiss on his forehead.

“Brother…I’m sorry.”

After he said that, he decisively picked him up from the bed, turned around, and quickly walked out of An’s Family gate.

As it was raining outside, An Ze put on his raincoat and carefully embraced and protected his brother then went to the garage and opened the door. He placed him in the passenger seat very carefully before turned around, went into the car, and started the engine.

All the servants and housekeepers were given two days off by him, An Yan and An Mo were still asleep, and in the silence and pitch-black night, a car quietly drove away from An’s home without anyone noticed.

Inside the car, An Luo tilted his head and gently leaned on An Ze’s shoulder while still sleeping so soundly.


Military Headquarters in Xi Lin District

The railing of the security checkpoint for vehicle was lowered; the black car was stopped at the entrance and the young soldier in charge of watching stepped down from the sentry post with an umbrella.

He apparently recognized An Ze so he stopped, stood straight in front of the car and gave An Ze a san official salute, “Major!”

An Ze nodded, pulled down the window and handed him a black card.

The supervision of the Xi Lin Military District was very strict, all vehicles must have a special pass to enter and exit this place, a small vehicle must also be subjected to an infrared inspection when entered and exited and were not allowed to carry any dangerous items.

The soldier entered An Ze’s pass code into the computer, after confirming there wasn’t anything wrong, he returned to the car, leaned over to the window, and said, “Major, this is …?”

An Ze looked at his brother who was sleeping soundly while leaning on his shoulder and said in a low voice, “It’s my gege, I brought him to the hospital to check for his illness.”

The soldier clearly understood and nodded, “Please fill out the registration form.”

An Ze filled out the information in the registration form he handed in and handed it back to him, An Luo’s information was entered into the computer and the webcam quickly captured and shot An Luo’s picture to be stored on the database.

Once the data has been inputted, the railing in front of him finally rose slowly and the soldier saluted An Ze again and let him passed.

Then An Ze slowly drove the car in.

The Xi Lin Military District was divided into three zones, among it was Zone A which was a top-secret area that was accessible only to special personnel with commanding authority, while Zone B belonged to the daily military operations and training areas, both were closed to outsiders. Only Zone C was freer, there was a guest house, military hospital, and also a department store, family and friends were allowed to visit Zone C. However, a detailed data registration and strict inspection would be carried out in advance when someone entered and left.

Right now, on both sides of the wide road, the street lamps were all turned on, and as the drizzle continued all night, the entire Xi Lin Military District looked very serene. An Ze slowly drove the car into the residential area and parked it off in the parking lot before taking An Luo out of the car and took the elevator to his residence in the seventh floor.

He usually lived here, a single and small apartment assigned to him by the army. Although the room was not big, but well-equipped, there is a kitchen and bathroom, even if there were two people living in it, it didn’t seem crowded at all.

Because he need to pick up his brother, An Ze had tidied this place before leaving, the bed in the bedroom was replaced with a large double bed, the bathroom was installed with slip resistant handrail, in case he had difficulty moving in his wheelchair, the stools, flower pots, and other obstacles had also put away from the living room, even the carpet that could affect the sliding movement of the wheelchair was also rolled up and put into the cupboard, almost like a complete preparation for his brother’s arrival.

An Ze walked into the bedroom, turned on the light, carried the sleeping An Luo and carefully put him to the bed, then gently covered him with the blanket.

An Luo slept very soundly, he rolled over and wrapped himself up in a blanket as soon as his head touched the pillow — a habit he’d had since he was a child. Didn’t know if it was due to insecurity but he always liked to wrap himself tightly in a blanket when he slept.

An Ze feared that he might catch a cold so he turned around and turned up the temperature of the air conditioner, then he laid down beside him.

The blanket was completely rolled away from him so An Ze had to find a new blanket for him.

Turned around to look at his sleeping form and a face which was so close to him, his handsome facial features and fair skin, he was originally a very charming man, but because he rarely smiled, he seemed to be very withdrawn and aloof.

He always seemed to be unhappy and as a child he was always somehow not in touch with the reality, it was really hard to approach him, yet he didn’t know what the reason for his unhappiness was.

In An Ze’s memory, his gege was always so indifferent, as if nothing mattered to him. Although he seemed cold and arrogant but he was actually a very soft-hearted person …  even if the only people he was soft-hearted on were An Yan and An Mo, and never him.

Probably because of his own personality which was calmer and more cool-headed, gege has never showed any concern or love to him and in his eyes perhaps the fourth younger brother has matured enough to the point where he didn’t need his attention as whenever he had a problem, he would say: “You can decide it yourself.” Even when he was applying for military school during his senior year in high school, as the older brother, he only gave him such “You can think over it clearly by yourself” cold and indifferent advice.

An Ze extended out his hand and slowly smoothed his furrowed brow, then found his hand in the traditional sleeping pad and gently held it.

His body temperature had been low since he was a child and his thin fingers always had a slight chill that would make someone to feel sorry for; An Ze held his fingers in his hand and tried to warm him up by using his own body heat. The gap between their body temperature gradually reduced and practically the frequency of their heartbeat became consistent ….

Although right now he felt satisfied to be able to be by his side but according to his temperament then it would be unlikely that he would be willing to let him go as he brought him here with his own initiative.

He wondered what kind of expression will be on his face when he woke up tomorrow?

The author has something to say:

Poor An Ze ~~ An Xiao Luo is already miserable enough, the author can’t afford to abuse him anymore so An Ze you just …… act as a tough little attacker, take your brother’s share too ~ double banquet ah ~ everyone will support you~

An Ze: It’s okay, it’s perfectly fine to suffer for gege, as long as in the end he would let me eat him up until I am full …

An Luo: What did you say?

An Ze: Oh, I say, does gege want to eat pork chop and rice?

An Luo: Okay, you make it.

Author: … the truth is that if you want to get someone’s heart then you must first bribed your sweetheart’s stomach = .=

Translator: I second that! >.<

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