Rebirth of Brotherly Love Chapter 19

An Ze is so cute, but everyone would also love to have a partner who can cook a good food right? ~

Chapter 19

In the afternoon, An Luo was taken by An Ze to the general hospital in the military district, unlike the lively and noisy general hospital where he had stayed before, the military hospital didn’t have many patients, the hospital was slightly deserted, the outpatient hall was also in a perfect order, and he could see a lot of soldiers the entire way. He could see that most of the patients in this hospital were the soldiers in Xi Lin military district and their families.

Passing through the outpatient hall to reach the inpatient department, An Luo was directly sent by An Ze to the orthopedic department on the eleventh floor. He had obviously made an appointment with the orthopedic doctor beforehand as after greeting the head nurse, he brought An Luo to the room in the corner.

An Ze parked An Luo’s wheelchair at the side of the bed, then he turned to pour a glass of water and handed it to An Luo, whispering, “Gege, you wait here for a while, I’ll look for the doctor to come here.”

“En.” An Luo nodded, he took the glass of water and drank it in silence.

After An Ze left, An Luo’s eyes quickly scanned the surroundings and found that the ward here was very clean, there was a row of soft sofa leaning against the wall, a bouquet of bright-colored fresh flowers on the table, and a few green plants set up in the corner of the room. An air conditioning, a TV, and other facilities were also readily available, and although it was a ward, it was arranged and felt very comfortable.

The French window occupied half of the wall and with one looked, one could see the entire landscape of the Xi Lin Military District. Not far away, there was a uniquely shaped building like a torch strike to the sky while the metallic appearance of the entire building making it seemed rigid and cold; on the right side there was a wide drill ground and a team of young soldiers in uniform were running in perfect order, sweating under the sun, and looked very energetic.

An Luo withdrew his gaze and placed his hands on both of his paralyzed legs.

Even though he never revealed a hint of sadness but naturally for a man who was originally very healthy, suddenly become half cripple was very hard. So when he saw the energetic figure of those young soldiers, the thoughts of being able to walk again was suddenly become apparent. In his heart, he couldn’t help but decided: he must make an effort to stand up, he absolutely won’t live on a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Just at this moment, the door behind him was suddenly pushed open, An Luo turned his head and saw An Ze and a young doctor walking in together.

An Ze introduced, “Gege, this is Dr. Song Tang from the orthopedic department, I asked him to come to see you.”

An Luo’s sight fell to the doctor’s badge, on which was written the words “Song Tang, Orthopedic Doctor”. Previously, An Ze did say that he had contacted an orthopedic specialist, so An Luo just believed that the “specialist” was like a half aged old professor and didn’t think that it was a young doctor, so he was somewhat surprised.

Song Tang stretched out his hand, slightly smiled and said, “Hello An Luo, I’ve often heard An Ze mentioning you, indeed seeing you once is better than hearing it a hundred times.”

Thinking that he was just being polite, An Luo didn’t think much about it and stretched out his hand to shake with him, and said, “Hello, Doctor Song.”

Song Tang stopped talking nonsense and took out the X-ray An Luo had taken at the hospital earlier, he explained, “I have just carefully looked at the X-ray An Ze brought over. Your operation was very successful, the fracture in your left leg is not too serious and there is also a promising recovery for your right leg. It’s just that the following recovery process will be hard, so you have to mentally be prepared first.”

An Luo nodded, his expression was calm and said, “Don’t worry, I will do my best to cooperate with the treatment.”

Of course he knew very well about this kind of hard work, back then when his brother An Yang also almost lost both of his legs in that car accident, getting back up from the wheelchair took him a long time. With his own eyes, An Luo watched how he tried to walk like a baby, sweating in pain with every step, but always slightly smiled and said, “It’s okay.”

Since the An Yang was able to clench his teeth and went through, so An Luo believed he could get through this too.

He had never been afraid of pain.

Compared to the physical pain, the pain inside his heart was the most unendurable.

After meeting with Dr. Song, An Ze took the medicine he prescribed and used a pen to seriously note down the dietary precautions, then afterwards he pushed An Luo’s wheelchair and returned to the residence building.

In the evening, An Ze personally cooked his brother a soup again, saying that he was following the doctor’s advice to provide him with additional nourishment, but this time he used a new approach, putting the peanuts, chicken feet, and slices of fresh ginger and simmered it together for an hour with no other seasonings added, thus when the soup was done, it was completely original and flavorful. The chicken feet were well-cooked and soft, it melted in the mouth, tasted very delicious.

An Luo liked this kind of soup so much that he made an exception and drank three bowls of it, breaking the historical record of two bowls of soup for one meal that he had just set yesterday. An Luo thought to himself that if he kept on like this, his legs won’t be strong enough and his body would definitely grow a fat. What An Ze was doing wasn’t taking care of his older brother, it was simply raising pigs.

However, it wasn’t a bad thing for his tongue to enjoy good food, and eating good food would also make his downcast mood better, so An Luo decided to ignore the problem of gaining weight and continued to enjoy the delicious food made by his younger brother.

After cleaning up the dishes, An Ze returned to the living room and sat beside An Luo, he whispered, “Gege, Dr. Song said that in one week your cast can be removed, and when the cast is removed, you’ll need to go to the hospital every day for physiotherapy. If you find it troublesome, you can just directly stay in the hospital.”

An Luo nodded, “En, I got it.”

An Ze gently patted the back of An Luo’s hand, as if to encourage him, “Gege don’t worry, I’ll be there for you.”

An Luo wasn’t worried at all, for him being able to live again was already considered as a benefit, it didn’t matter at all whether it hurt or not, and he wasn’t afraid of it. That said, An Ze’s concern still made his heart a bit warm which he hadn’t feel for a long time. An Luo also patted his hand back politely and said, “It’s okay, I can survive it.”

In his previous life, An Luo was often injured, and when he was in pain and sweating, he could only grit his teeth to get through it, no one had ever said or showed any concern to him, and no one had ever given him any encouragement, much less personally cooked for him. Nowadays, although his younger brother An Ze’s personality was unpredictable, but at least, An Luo could feel that he was seriously concerned about him.

Perhaps it was because his stomach had been bribed by him, but at this time when he was looking at his smile, it seemed to have become more pleasing to the eye?

They stared at each other in silence. An Ze’s gaze softened while An Luo thought that it was too strange for two brothers to stare at each other like that, but he remained calm and composed then changed the subject and asked, “By the way, is Dr. Song the orthopedic specialist you were talking about earlier? He looks very young.”

An Ze nodded and said, “En, he’s just turned thirty, he got his M.D. as he had been studying abroad in the UK, then when he was in London his research field was about the difficult problem on fractures recovery, and he has published many academic works about it. Although he was young but he was very accomplished, I believe that he can help you as it was in his specialized field.”

An Luo lowered his head for a moment and asked, “What school in UK did he graduate from?”

An Ze said, “It’s the S’s University Medical School.”

An Luo was suddenly startled.

If he remembered it correctly, his little nephew Shao Rong was also studying at S’s University Medical School in the UK at that time. Since that school really existed, that meant that he was in the same world after his rebirth and he was simply returned to twenty years ago. Some of his former friends and relatives might still lived in this world.

So, maybe his little nephew Shao Rong was still in London?

At that time when he made his own will, he left most of his property to An Yang to inherit it and donated a small portion to Shao Rong’s Organ Transplantation Research Center in the UK. What he didn’t expect was the fact that his brother An Yang also lost his life in the same airplane crash. Since they both died, then what had been done to his property in the end?

After all, it was a large sum of money, but it would also be a good ending if no one inherited it and donated it to charity instead of someone in the middle took advantage of it, and took his and An Yang’s life’s heart’s blood privately.

An Luo couldn’t help but slightly frowned when he thought about this.

Currently, there was no way for him to find out the whereabouts of his inheritance, he could only wait for some time until his body fully recovered before contacting the faraway Shao Rong in the UK and asked about it. It’s just that, when Shao Rong knew that his uncle has returned from the dead then he would probably feel scared….

“What is gege thinking about?” An Ze suddenly opened his mouth and interrupted An Luo’s thoughts.

An Luo came back to his senses, coughed, and said, “It’s nothing.”

An Ze picked up the remote and asked, “Does gege want to watch the sports match? There’s European League tonight.”

An Luo said, “Up to you.”

An Ze looked at him and turned the TV to the sports channel, which was indeed broadcasting the European League, group match between France vs. Netherlands. Both players performed very well and played it brilliantly, An Luo followed him to watch the game and soon became absorbed in the midst of a fierce football battle.

Half an hour later, for the time being the score was tied 1:1.

When An Ze saw his brother staring at the TV with a calm face, he couldn’t help but asked, “Which team does gege support?”

An Luo said, “There’s none I particularly like.”

An Ze said, “So, gege is just observing the game as a spectator and the outcome on winning or losing doesn’t matter to you, right?”

An Luo nodded, “En.”

An Ze looked his expressionless side face, went silent for a moment, then whispered, “It’s often like this, people on the stage are trying so hard as they want to win the game, but don’t know that the people watching from the sidelines are just watching the show and don’t care if they win or lose.”

Did his sentence seem to mean something? An Luo turned his head, looked at him, and asked, “Do you like the French or the Netherlands team?”

An Ze said, “I don’t like them.”

An Luo was confused, “Then what do you mean by saying that …”

An Ze smiled, “Gege just need to feel it.”

After he said that, he stood up and left, “I’m going to take a shower.” Then turned around and went to the bathroom.

An Luo watched his back somewhat thinking about it.

The people on stage were trying their best, but the people watching from the sidelines were just watching the show — did it have something to do with the sports match? Or was it about something else?

If it was about something else, then what did it mean?

The memory of An Yan’s award ceremony where An Ze leaned into his ear to talk suddenly came to his mind — what did he said back then? Why he couldn’t forget about it since he watched that scene on the TV?

After a moment of contemplation, he still didn’t understand what he meant. An Luo couldn’t help but slightly frowned.

An Ze, this younger brother who seemed to be the most mature but also the most unpredictable one. What kind of thoughts was hidden in his heavy and complicated eyes? Why was it that he never sense any real happiness in his smile?

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