Rebirth of Brotherly Love Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

An Ze quickly came out soon after taking a bath and wiped his hair with a towel as he came over to the living room. Then he sat on the sofa and continued to watch the match as if nothing had happened, ignoring his brother’s confused gaze.

He was sitting very close to An Luo, a few drops of water dripped into the back of An Luo’s hand as he wiped his hair. An Luo suddenly missed to take a bath in the bathtub as he looked at An Ze’s clean body after taking a bath and felt the comfortable coolness on the back of his hand.

After he counted it, it had been more than half a month since he was reborn but unable to take a bath because both of his legs were in plaster casts. Previously when he was in the hospital, the nurse would carefully rub his back with towel every day but two days after he arrived at An Family’s home, he was too embarrassed to let his brother helped and wiped his back, and then he was brought here by An Ze afterwards.

So to say, he hadn’t taken a bath for three days in a row and hadn’t even changed his clothes ….

This was a serious matter for An Luo who had a mysophobia.

He hadn’t thought about it beforehand so it was still okay, but now when he thought about this problem, An Luo suddenly felt that it was as if his body began to itch, and when he looked at the shirt he had wore for several days it would only made him felt more uncomfortable all over his body. In addition, this afternoon he also went to the hospital and sweated a lot, it was difficult to bear as the cold air blown by the AC also made his clothes stick closely to his body.

An Ze was wiping his hair but he always felt as if his brother next to him was staring at him, so he looked back in confusion and happened to see An Luo looked at him with an expectation, An Ze wondered, “Gege …  is there something wrong?”

An Luo calmly said, “En, I want to take a bath.”

An Ze was startled, then stood up and walked to his side, “I’ll help you.”

An Luo said, “No need, just find me clothes to change, I’ll do it myself.”

An Ze didn’t argue, he just pushed his wheelchair into the bathroom and said, “Gege can to let the water out first, I’ll get you your pajamas.”

An Ze just said that and walked away, An Luo looked at the luxurious bathroom in front of him, his mood could not help but become pleased after thinking that he would finally be able to take a bath.

This bathroom was large, with a shower area separated by a transparent glass and a large bathtub about a meter wide next to it. The spotlessly white bathtub was very clean, the shower and bathtub really pleased him, An Ze was obviously enjoying life.

But the problem was … where’s the power switch?

An Luo’s eyes slowly swept around, usually there should be a faucet above the bathtub, but strangely, there was no faucet here. Could it be because An Ze rarely used the bathtub so he didn’t install it?

An Luo turned the wheelchair again to the shower area that was separated by the transparent glass and he was surprised to find that there was no hot or cold switch under the showerhead either. He looked up to see where the showerhead was so he tried to reach out but found that he couldn’t reach it, so he had no choice but to give up.

In the past twenty years, it was clear that the science and technology had advanced to the point where An Luo couldn’t adapt with current situation as there were many things in his side that he hadn’t seen before, and he completely didn’t know what it was for, so he was curious yet confused at the same time.

After silently sitting in the bathroom for a while, An Ze still hasn’t come back, so An Luo could only turned his wheelchair to go back. But without knowing what he had touched, suddenly, there was a loud crashing sound, and the showerhead over his head started to spray down water continuously, and there wasn’t enough time for An Luo to evade it, thus the cold water directly fell into his face while his whole body was drenched like a chicken soup.

The large amount of cold water that was sprayed over him completely drenched his clothes and his hair also hung down on his face. An Luo hastily moved his wheelchair, then awkwardly picked up the dry towel next to him and wiped his face yet in this moment An Ze suddenly pushed the door and walked in.

As the wet shirt stuck to his body, his thin waistline was completely revealed, and under the stimulation of the cold water there was even protrusion on his chest which revealed a clear outline underneath … His jet-black hair was still dripping, a drop of water lightly slide down from the side of his face into his collarbone, then slid into his collar, leaving an ambiguous water droplets on his fair skin….

An Ze looked at his brother who was soaked wet, his breath was caught and his voice became abnormally low, “Gege …”

An Luo looked quite embarrassed as he looked up into his brother’s jet-black eyes, softly coughed and said, “Help me turn off the water first.”

An Ze nodded back and walked over to An Luo’s side, gently touched a shining spot on the wall next to the nozzle with his hand, and the water immediately stopped.

He turned around and saw An Luo’s confused gaze, An Ze finally understood what’s going on. He hasn’t actually used it before so he was drenched in the water. An Luo who rarely made a mistake still had a calm expression on his face, but it was hard to hide the fact that he was embarrassed. His slight reddened face only looked especially cute in Anze’s eyes.

Looking at his brother’s messy situation, An Ze couldn’t help but smile and whispered: “Gege, the one installed here is the latest infrared sensor system so just put your hand over it and the water will automatically come out.”

“Oh.” An Luo embarrassedly touched his nose.

An Ze continued, “You have casts on both of your leg right now, so you can’t take a shower, you can only use a towel to wipe your body first. Gege, come over to the bathtub side, I’ll help you.”

“En.” An Luo nodded, he allowed An Ze to push the wheelchair next to the bathtub and saw An Ze lightly pressed the button on the wall, as expected, warm water started to flow out from the bathtub.

The fully electric bathing equipment looked very advanced, the clothes and underwear that An Ze had brought was put on the shelf next to him and he said, “Gege you can wear mine first, I’ll buy you new pajamas on another day.”

“En.” An Luo looked at the simple black underwear in his hand and couldn’t help but consider the question of whether it had been worn by him before … wouldn’t it be disgusting if he was to wear what he had worn before?

An Ze seemed to be able to read his mind and whispered, “It’s new.”

“Oh.” An Luo silently nodded but thought: new was good, he didn’t want to wear the worn underwear.

An Ze slightly smiled, “Gege, let me help you rub your back.”

An Luo hurriedly said, “No need, I’ll do it myself.”

An Ze also didn’t force him, he opened a drawer next to the bathtub and said, “There’s shampoo and shower gel here, there’s also a new towel so gege can use it without any worries … The button for water temperature adjustment is over here, and if you want to change the water after finished bathing then just press here…” An Ze patiently demonstrated the use of each button to his brother.

An Luo nodded, “Okay, got it.”

The built-in drawer on the wall was arranged with essential things such as shampoo and shower gel. In addition there was a small transparent box. He didn’t know what was inside but the packaging looked very exquisite and there was a word line in French which he didn’t understand ….

An Luo curiously picked it up and asked, “What’s this?”

An Ze didn’t answer, he kept silent.

An Luo gave him a puzzled look, he opened the box and its lid, suddenly smelt a faint scent in his nose, there was some kind of flower scent in a crystal clear liquid which obviously seemed to be …  lubricant oil?

Why this stuff was in the bathroom?

An Luo expressionlessly put the lid back on.

Looking at his gege‘s darkened face, An Ze was trying to explain it and said in a low voice, “Gege, this is a free gift from the supermarket when I bought the shower gel and I just left it there in passing.”

An Luo looked at him but didn’t say anything.

An Ze added, “It hasn’t been used.”

An Luo nodded, “Oh.”

“…….” An Ze felt that it will only make matters worse so he didn’t explain it anymore and said, “Then I’ll go out first …… gege can just call me if there’s still any questions.”


It wasn’t until An Ze turned to leave that An Luo helplessly shrugged his shoulders and put the box of lubricant oil back into the drawer.

The way An Ze had explained himself just now was kind of cute, he was like a child who was eager to explain things to his older brother after making a mistake. An Luo didn’t believe the “free gift with purchase of shower gel” explanation, what kind of supermarket gifted something like that when one bought shower gel? This was obviously something that An Ze bought himself ba?

He didn’t expect that this younger brother, who looked so proper and serious, would prepare this kind of thing in the bathroom …… It turned out that men are essentially like lustful animals ….

In terms of this, An Luo himself was very indifferent as in his previous life, he was busy running around all day and on top of that, his heart was always secretly in love with An Yang. So naturally he had very little experience with regards to sex.

Although it was embarrassing but when he found this kind of things in An Ze’s bathroom, he didn’t find it strange. After all as a young and vigorous man at this age when lust and expectation was at the strongest point, the fact that he has prepared such lubrication oil also showed him as being responsible. It’s always better than not being able to know when things come to a head and let people suffered.

However, with the most strict military supervision, he shouldn’t have the opportunity to brought a woman back to his residence so maybe he prepared it just for in case? How did he usually resolve it? Did it by himself?

After thinking about it, he felt that it was hard to imagine a scene where his brother An Ze wore his military uniform, moreover as his “gege”, thinking about such questions was really boring.

An Luo quickly recovered his mood, he just need to ignore the details like finding suspicious items in his brother’s bathroom and focused his thoughts into something more meaningful like taking a bath.

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