Rebirth of Brotherly Love Chapter 21

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Honestly, we need to cherish what we got before it disappeared …

Chapter 21

An Luo quickly focused on the more meaningful thing like showering, he took off his clothes and pants with difficulty and wiped clean himself, but he only swept his calves lightly because of the cast. Even though he couldn’t wash his body as much as he wanted to like in the past, but at least, his body felt a lot better after wiping off all the sweat.

After carefully washing his hair, getting dressed in the wheelchair became another problem for him.

Naturally, An Luo wouldn’t call An Ze to help him, he just frowned and tried to put his leg into his underwear, and then pulled it up with difficulty. Because he couldn’t stand he could only use the strength of his arms, so it became a strange posture of “supporting the wheelchair with one hand and pulling his pants with the other hand”.

If anyone had seen this scene then they would have thought he was having a cramp.

An Luo slightly sighed and put on his pants with difficulty … An Ze’s pajamas were a bit big on his body, but the good thing was that the fabric was made of cotton, so it was very comfortable when it was in contact with his skin, and the clothes were washed very clean, so An Luo ignored the problem of “the pajamas he was wearing were An Ze’s”.

Under the eaves, he had no choice or option but to bow his head, and the current unfavorable situation, he couldn’t do as he pleased.

After coming out of the bathroom, he saw An Ze sitting by the side of the bed while making a phone call, and under the warm light of the lamp, the expression on his face was somewhat grave. An Luo moved his wheelchair to the side of the bed and heard An Ze speaking in a low voice, “I have a sense of propriety in this matter, grandpa don’t worry, okay, I know … goodnight Grandpa.”

Waiting for him to hang up the phone, only then did An Luo asked, “Is that Grandpa whose calling? What did he say?”

That legendary grandfather An Guang Yao who was extraordinary difficult to deal with, who also loved his eldest grandson very much, had suffered a heart attack when learning that An Luo had lost his memory and was lying in the hospital. He had only seen his picture when browsing online, as for the person himself, he hadn’t met him until now, only knew that he was the head of the An Family, he was very respected.

An Ze turned around, his deep eyes looked straight at An Luo and said, “Gege, Grandpa is out of the hospital and said he wants to see you.”

An Luo asked, “Then will you send me back?”

Without even thinking, An Ze opened his mouth and refused, “I won’t.”

The atmosphere went a little stiff, An Ze paused and continued in a low voice, “I don’t feel reassured sending you back until I really able to get to the bottom of it.”

An Luo had already guessed his answer and nodded, “Who do you think planted the bug in my bedroom?”

An Ze was silent for a moment and said in a low voice, “Gege, now that you have amnesia and don’t remember the past, my hypothesis may affect your judgment, and I don’t want to say something without proof, nor do I want to accuse anyone wrongly.”

An Luo looked at his solemn appearance and didn’t say anything.

This little brother was indeed a very principled person, he wouldn’t speculate and slander someone without proof, not to mention that person could still be his brother’s closest relative.

This was fine too, it wasn’t fair to casually suspect a certain brother before there was evidence and since An Ze was also looking for evidence, An Luo naturally didn’t want to break this delicate balance.

An Yan, An Mo, and An Ze, those three younger brothers had different personalities, An Luo would not completely trust any of them, nor would he casually suspect any of them.

Even the slyest fox would have the day to show its tail. Since An Luo didn’t die this time, the people hiding behind the scene obviously wouldn’t let him go. For now he only needed to bide one’s time and waiting to see what will happened.

An Luo wasn’t worried about the possible dangers at all, having already died once, he fear nothing.

The week passed by very quickly, except for the occasional call from An Yan and An Mo to greet him about his recent condition, he had spent the past few days with An Ze, it was very peaceful.

Every day when An Luo woke up, An Ze was already busy, he would put breakfast on the table, and sometimes he would even give a brief note under the cup and write something like, “Gege, you can watch a movie if you are bored after breakfast” or “Lunch is in the refrigerator, gege can warm it up before eating it” or “I will pick gege at three o’clock today to take gege to the hospital,” and so on.

A handful of beautifully written character, which was as proper and neat as his personality.

After reading the notes, An Luo just crumpled them up and threw them in the trash. Although he was older than him, but he was really depend on him for everything … This feeling of being taken care of by someone made An Luo felt uncomfortable. After all, he was an adult, and being fed, clothed, and cared for by his younger brother every day made him feel as if he had become a lazy and useless pig.

This afternoon, An Ze wasn’t at home, An Luo was idle and bored so he used his laptop to watch movies online, horror movies, romance movies, suspense movies, there were all kinds of movies in the movie library, when An Luo picked one of the interesting movies from those pile of movies, suddenly, a promotional poster of a very personalized movie caught his attention.

“Endless City —— Wu Jin Zhi Cheng.”

In the poster, there was a mysterious looking castle floating in the air, underneath the castle were two lead actors posing back to back, the man on the left was wearing a clean white cloak and silver-rimmed glasses, smiling with his lips raised like a modest nobleman while the man on the right was wearing a tight black leather jacket with big sunglasses covering his face.

The man wearing sunglasses and pretending to be cool was obviously his second brother An Yan, but who was the other one who acted as a doctor? An Luo’s sight went to the lead actor column and saw the name written side by side with An Yan was ——— Xu Shao Qian.

Driven by curiosity, An Luo turned on the movie and used a wireless adapter to connect it to the TV in the living room. The HDTV’s widescreen and surround sound in the living room made the effect of the movie to be as real as if he was watching in the theater.

《The Endless City》 was a science fiction movie, the movie was about a human clone trying to survive in a chaotic world hundreds of years later, An Yan played the role of the clone and Xu Shao Qian played the role of the doctor who was kind and gentle on the surface but was actually cold and cruel inside.

The last part of the movie was the show match between the two male protagonists, the doctor wearing silver-rimmed glasses with a faint smile on his lips, standing beside the experiment table, injecting the transparent anesthetic into the clone’s veins, and saying with a gentle voice: “You are personally made by me, so I will personally destroy you myself.”

The clone on the table eventually shivered violently after the drug was injected into his body, his lips rapidly lost its color, his Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and his voice became fuzzy as he choked, “We … have known each other for so many years … I have always … born and died for you … have you … ever … toward me …”

“No.” The doctor indifferently interrupted him, “You are a clone, the only reason I created you in the first place was to transplant the organs from your body to someone else. This is your mission as well as the reason for your existence, understand?”

The clone was startled. Afterwards, he a pained smile appeared on the corners of his lips, “I see.”

In the split second as he closed his eyes, there was a drop of crystal tear falling down from the corner of his eyes.

The scene suddenly replayed the life fragment of the pitiful clone who had lived with this doctor since he was a child, a scene that had once been warm and sweet, but now it seemed extremely ironic.

On the other side of the scene, the doctor decisively picked up the scalpel and cut open his chest ….

The movie ended with a sad song, yet he was unable to stay calm for a long time.

Endless love, unending, unresponsive, desperate love ….

It was the same like in his previous life.

He was always secretly in love with his older brother An Yang in his previous life, even if he was fully aware that he would never get any response, but he was still standing in silence behind him, like what the clone did to that doctor in the movie, born and died for him without regret ….

Yet in the end, An Luo still couldn’t obtain his love. The difference between him and that clone was simply in the intense emotions, from the start to finish he was very calm … so calm that he even forgot the feeling to shed tears.

In the final moment of the plane crash incident with An Yang, he also didn’t have time to say the words “I like you” …  he didn’t regret it because even if he said it, the only response he got would be An Yang’s astonished look.

In this movie, both An Yan and Xu Shao Qian’s acting was very good, especially on the scene where An Yang, the male lead, confessed in tears to the doctor who raised him at the end, which made An Luo feel as if it had happened to him. His tears and emotions were perfectly controlled, it was no wonder that he got the movie star award.

An Luo watched the final scene and recalled his heavy memory ….

An opened door suddenly sounded behind him, An Ze walked in with a bag of vegetables, and after seeing the freeze scene on the TV in the living room, he was slightly startled and asked in a low voice, “Is gege watching Endless City?”

An Luo regained his thoughts and calmly said, “En, this film is pretty good.”

An Ze was silent for a moment as he looked at his brother’s serious expression and said, “Gege don’t you remember? Originally we went to the premiere together, nevertheless Shao Qian gave you movie tickets.”

“Shao Qian?” An Luo frowned in confusion, “You mean that … the other male lead is Xu Shaoqian?”

An Ze nodded, “You were classmates with Zhou Cheng Ping and Xu Shao Qian for many years, the three of you have always been very close, and you used to invite them to home to … An Yan was able to take the lead role in this drama, nevertheless you helped him.”

An Luo completely had no memory of these past events that he was talking about.

Previously in the hospital, when he faced Zhou Cheng Ping, An Luo felt very awkward. Although Zhou Cheng Ping always said with a depressed face, “We’ve been friends for so many years” and other nonsense, but he was so unfamiliar to him that he couldn’t even say the word “Cheng Ping”, so he just called him “Dr. Zhou”.

This was unbelievable. In the past, it would be very hard to imagine the word “friend” would exist around him.

As An Ze watched the end of the movie, he suddenly asked in a low voice, “Gege, what do you think was conveyed about the ‘Endless Love’ title in the movie?”

An Luo slightly frowned but didn’t answer.

An Ze continued, “The role played by An Yan was that he has always had a crush on that doctor, but the other party never responded to him. Does gege think that such a fruitless crush is worth it?”

An Luo interrupted him with a cold face, “An Ze, this kind of feeling is complicated, you won’t understand it.”

He didn’t seem too happy about it so after saying that sentence, he turned his head and turned his wheelchair directly to the bedroom, then slammed the door with a “bang” sound. Even the clock on the wall was shaken because the door was closed with a powerful bang.

An Ze stood in silence as he stared at the closed door, clenching hard his fingers.

In the living room, the ticking sound from the clock on the wall was clearly heard in his ears, the words he said before he left, and finally ended with an indifferent word “you won’t understand”.

Didn’t know how long it took, but An Ze finally unclenched his fists, softly exhaled, took the vegetables he bought, and turned to the kitchen to cook dinner.

What he had bought today was his favorite food again, but unfortunately, it was unlikely that he ever cared about such details.

You wouldn’t understand….

How ridiculous was that?

He’s liked him for so many years, and in return he got this sentence.

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