Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

Wang Hao was the first to go. With several of his scoundrel buddies cheering him on nearby, he immediately felt full of confidence. Even within his group of friends, Wang Hao had the best shooting skills.

Wang Hao lived up to his expectations and his first shot landed him a score of 7.6. For a professional player this result was perhaps ordinary, but to a bunch of amateurs like Wang Hao and his group of scoundrel friends, it was still considered something to show off.

Wang Hao had a particularly proud expression on his face as he turned towards Chen An. He expected to see anxiety and restlessness on Chen An’s face, but what he saw was totally different from what he imagined.

Let alone any unease or nervousness, Chen An’s face was devoid of any expression, he was as calm and indifference as the cloud and gentle breeze, the entire time he didn’t even glance over at them.

Chen An seemed to have no interest in Wang Hao’s shooting, he only fiddled with his gun at the side as he explained the basic shooting techniques to Chen Yang.

The frustrated Wang Hao was simmering faced with Chen An’s indifference. Overall, he had pretty good results following five more rounds of bullets, his best shot scored a nine, an extraordinary result.

“Hey, it’s your turn, let me see if you really have any real skills, or if you’re just all talk.” Wang Hao was feeling smug, letting himself get carried away along with his scoundrel friends. He smiled and said meaningfully, “You know, I should consider carefully for what I want you to do later.”

Wang Hao’s arrogant words caused Chen Yang’s hands to shake beneath his long sleeves. The scenes of all the things Ivanov had done to Chen An once again appeared before his eyes.

The same humiliation, he wouldn’t let it a happen a second time.

He was still too weak, so what if he had memorized all the knowledge on weapons, it was still his first time handling a real gun today, he didn’t even know how to fire it.

If only he knew how to shoot, then he could just shoot this trash, Wang Hao, dead.

Chen An only smile coldly at Wang Hao’s provocation as he casually said to Chen Yang who was beside him: “If you want to score well in shooting, having a good aim is important, but more often you need to have good instincts and intuition in practical use, if not then it’s more likely you will be killed by your enemies before you can even shoot.”

Chen An picked up the gun and turned to face the target in the distance without wearing the protective earmuffs. After his rebirth, this was his first time lifting a gun and aiming it at the center of a target.

The moment he picked up the gun, Chen An’s imposing manner changed instantly and became serene, his calm temperament comparable to a lofty mountain. An intense pressure weighed down on everyone, the pressure was so intense, they felt they couldn’t breathe.

Compared to people who merely played around with guns for fun and a professional who was accustomed to handling guns, the difference between them was clear.

He was an influential weapons dealer and at the same time an excellent master shooter, even more so he was someone who often frequented areas like war zones.

He was someone who had experienced the chaos of war, witnessed the cruelty of war with his own eyes and killed people with his own hands using a gun; his imposing manner alone was different from ordinary people.

In particular, when he held a gun in his hand, it was as if Chen An wasn’t confronting an immobile target, but an enemy that’s ready to counterattack at any time.

“Your ability to control the gun and your capability to adapt to change could very well decide whether you lived or died on the battlefield.”

As soon as Chen An’s voice fell, the first shot sounded almost right after. And practically without any breaks or gaps, it was closely followed by five rounds of gunshots.

Chen Yang’s eyes were fixated on the man’s hand that was holding the gun. Previously he had noticed that Wang Hao’s hand would shake when he held the gun. When the bullet was shot, inevitably the force of the recoil would cause the hand holding the gun to jerk.

But when the bullet shot by Chen An flew, his hand which was holding the gun didn’t shake to a big extent. Chen Yang had never used a real gun before, but he had read books about it. The level-headedness and poise Chen An displayed when firing a gun, wasn’t something an average person could achieve.

When the target moved to the front of them, everyone was shocked.

All six rounds of bullets hit the bull’s eye. There was only one hole on the target, which meant those six shots all hit on the exact same spot.

“This …. this is not possible …..”

Wang Hao’s back turned cold, as cold sweat dripped from his forehead. With wide eyes, he repeatedly checked the target, but in the end, his and his gang of scoundrel friends’ hearts went cold.

Such superb skills, don’t even mention them, no one, not even the club’s shooting instructors had such scary accuracy.

Even more alarming was that not only did Chen An shoot a score of 9.5 but that all six bullets hit the same position.

This required formidable control and a strong calm heart.

“What are you waiting for? Still not leaving?”

Chen An put down the gun, according to their agreement from before, it was time for Wang Hao and his cronies to scram and leave the shooting club.

“Are you deliberately taking revenge against me?”

Wang Hao’s palm were layered with cold sweat. He was used to bullying people weaker than him, however, with the sudden appearance of a powerful and intimidating man like Chen An who he had deceived and taken advantage of in the past, anyone would feel fear.

Chen An smiled as if he had heard a joke: “Young master Wang Hao, I, Chen An am only an ordinary person, how could someone like me dare to retaliate against you?”

These words, no one would believe it if they heard it, especially when Chen An had used a mocking tone to say it.

“Let’s just forget the agreement we made earlier.”  With a sudden change in his tone, Chen An unexpectedly nullified the deal that he made with Wang Hao.

Seeing Wang Hao’s completely baffled face, he walked towards the young man with his pair of phoenix eyes slightly raised. His eyes shone brightly but it didn’t completely hide the hidden craftiness: “Actually I just wanted to discuss some plans to collaborate with young master Wang.”


“Uncle, do you really want to work together with Wang Hao?

After they returned from the shooting club, Chen Yang had some doubts about Chen An’s decision. Of course, he trusted Chen An completely but he didn’t trust that man called Wang Hao at all.

But back at the shooting club, Chen An had taken the initiative to invite Wang Hao to cooperate together to buy and sell weapons.

“You are so strange aren’t you, Wang Hao had clearly caused trouble for me in the past, would I really want to work together with someone like him?” Chen An threw his coat onto the sofa and opened the refrigerator to take out two bottles of energy drinks.

He turned around and threw one of the bottles to Chen Yang. As he opened the lid on his own drink he plainly stated: “Whether or not he has harmed me before in the past doesn’t have anything to do with why I’m cooperating with him now. The reason I’m working together with him is for only one purpose; because it benefits me.”

The so-called revenge didn’t directly kill the other side immediately, because such a crude approach was never this old fox’s style.

No matter what, he’ll use and squeeze Wang Hao dry for all he’s worth.

In the following days, Chen An arranged for Chen Yang to concentrate on becoming familiar with weapons and to also practice shooting at the shooting club while he discussed the weapon trading business with Wang Hao.


Young people like Wang Hao, were certain to have ambition but lack experience and they were eager to show off to gain approval from others, it was more or less the common characteristics of these people.

In addition to the fact that he was someone who dared to swindle money, for Wang Hao who was born with silver spoons in his mouth (as he was the second-generation official son, very wealthy), the four words “abide by the law” were easily overlooked and taken lightly.

The conditions stated by Chen An were really appealing, particularly the enormous profit that could be made from buying and selling weapons, to Wang Hao it was an overwhelming amount. In this world, there was no one who disliked having too much money.

“If you don’t want to cooperate, I can look for others who are willing.” Chen An softly tapped his finger on the chair’s armrest, smiled slightly and said, “But if you wish to cooperate with me, then you’ll need to give me a gift first.”

“What do you want?”

“Liu Xiao Jie.”

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