Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

An immature brat like Wang Hao was simply too easy to deal with. After he began cooperating with Chen An and tasted the sweetness of immense profits from selling weapons, it was as if he had taken drugs, after he had a taste he couldn’t stop anymore.

All Chen An had to do was to sit back and let Wang Hao lose himself from his inflated ego. After giving him a sweet taste of success he would set up a trap for him to fall into.


“I beg you to let me go, I … I won’t do it again, Chen An, I was wrong, I was wrong okay … just let me go, huhuhu, I won’t dare to anymore, I won’t do it again …”

As soon as Chen An opened the warehouse, he could see a young and thin man who was naked and barefoot chained to iron shackles by his ankles. In an instant the man crawled toward Chen An like a dog with hollow eyes filled with fear and despair, crying nonstop and begging him.


Chen Yang who was following behind Chen An, walked pass the man and brought over a chair. After Chen An sat down, he crossed his legs and leaned against the back of the chair.

The man gazed lazily at Liu Xiao Jie who was almost about to collapse. His eyes didn’t show a shred of compassion and with both hands resting on the chair’s armrest Chen An slowly opened his mouth to speak: “I can just kill you right now, cut you into pieces to put into a meat grinder and then throw you into the sea to be food for fish. In this lifetime there won’t be anyone who will know how you died.”

When he said these words, Liu Xiao Jie began to cry even harder, kneeling on the ground to kowtow nonstop toward Chen An, while mumbling some incoherent words.

In this world, there wasn’t anyone who could calmly face death, especially one who had been locked up by Chen An in a dark warehouse for several days. Liu Xiao Jie was on the verge of a break down for a long time now.

Chen An could directly shoot this man who once went against him. But to him, that kind of quick and painless death was only given to the enemies he respected. As for this piece of trash in front of him, he didn’t even have the interest to do it himself.

After he gave Wang Hao a taste of the profits from the weapon business, that brat readily tied up Liu Xiao Jie to hand over to him. He even made it seem like Liu Xiao Jie was the one who was responsible for swindling him of his money in the first place. It was a vain attempt to wash his hand clean of his crime.

Chen An, this man had many shortcomings, one of them was bearing grudges.

In any case,this old fox’s life goal was to retaliate when he was kicked or cursed for as long as he lived in this world. It was too stifling to let himself be wronged.

To grant Liu Xiao Jie a quick and happy death wasn’t in accordance with his life motto, people who had exploited others should be squeezed dry. Chen An leaned back on his chair and hooked a finger towards Liu Xiao Jie: “Crawl over.”

Without any hesitation and fear that Chen An would really kill him, Liu Xiao Jie’s moved his hands and feet like an obedient dog and immediately crawled over. Chen Yang who was at the side saw this scene slightly frowned, but still didn’t say anything.

“Want to live?” Chen An gave an indifferent smile akin to a devil’s, devoid of any warmth, instead, it made one feel a bone-piercing chill.

Liu Xiao Jie kept nodding his head without pause causing people to feel as if his small head would suddenly fly off his body.

Towering above this thin and weak young man who was kneeling next to his foot, within Chen An’snarrowed deep eyes there was a cold, blade like gleam. He used the tip of this shoe to lift Liu Xiao Jie’s jaw showing his pale face stained with tears and filled with fear.

“Really pitiful …” Although he was the one who said these words, it didn’t seem like he had even a sliver of sympathy. After all, Liu Xiao Jie’s current predicament was because of Chen An.

“HuHuHu…” Liu Xiao Jie didn’t dare to say anything, only incessantly crying, he stayed stiffly in place, not even daring to move. The domineering attitude and arrogance he previously had when they met at the gym were gone.

These days, this small arrogant young man was frequently made aware that he was most afraid of death.

“I could let you live, but … I only like an obedient dog, do you understand?” Chen An watched as Liu Xiao Jie’s tears dripped on his shoes and his voice suddenly turned cold, “Lick it clean.”

“Sorry!Sorry!” While apologizing repeatedly, Liu Xiao Jie promptly lowered his head to lick the man’s shoe.

Suddenly feeling disgusted, Chen Yang’ eyes narrowed and sent a kick towards Liu Xiao Jie’s face, the latter fell to the ground in a sorry state. He resembled an abandoned puppy as he anxiously and nervously looked at Chen An and performed a ridiculous act.

Liu Xiao Jie kneeled on the ground, his body shrunken into a ball, making dog sounds: “Barking Woof woof

“Good dog.” With a deep smile on his face, Chen An stood up from the chair and said to Chen Yang who was beside him, “This dog is too dirty, get someone to drag him out for cleaning.”

“En.” Chen Yang hummed an affirmative sound, but Chen An could see the complicated emotions in Chen Yang’s eyes.



*Inflated ego means that the self-confidence that a person displays exceeds his actual situation and evolves into blind arrogance and conceit

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