Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

Two men sat in the back seat of a luxurious car on their way home. Between the passenger seat and the driver seat was a soundproof barrier that prevented others from hearing the discussion between the uncle and nephew pair.

Chen An leaned against the back of the seat and faintly said: “Do you feel that what I did was too much?”

“The things they’ve done before has hurt you more uncle, it’s their own fault that it turned out like this. I don’t think you went too far, I just don’t understand …” Chen Yang turned towards Chen An who was sitting beside him and said, “Uncle, why didn’t you just simply kill Liu Xiao Jie?”

When Chen An used the tip of his shoe to tease Liu Xiao Jie’s chin a moment ago, Chen Yang was surprised to find that he actually really wanted to be Liu Xiao Jie at that moment. Was he crazy? Or maybe it’s because deep down inside he was originally a pervert?


Chen An was slightly surprised by Chen Yang’s words, after all, from Chen An’s impression of him, Chen Yang was still that cheerful, optimistic, and occasionally silly but charming nephew.

He thought Chen Yang would consider the things he had done today to be too much or unacceptable, but he didn’t think that this brat would unexpectedly accept it so easily.

From the time he decided to allow Chen Yang to work for him to when he asked Chen Yang those examination questions for the first time, Chen An found that Chen Yang had talent that wasn’t possessed by ordinary people. Not only was he quick to memorize and understand information regarding weapons and military affairs, but his ability to complete the assigned tasks was also something that amazed him, especially when compared to him in the past. Perhaps this could be counted as “green comes out from blue, but green is better than blue”.

  • Meaning: “the student surpasses the master”


Since Chen Yang has been training in the shooting club for several months, he has already grasped the basic shooting techniques. Not only that, but this young man also excelled in analyzing and giving insights for the current international affairs.

This reminded Chen An of Lu Feng in the past. When he picked up Lu Feng from Africa all those years ago, he only felt Lu Feng’s appearance was similar to his brother’s when he was a child. But it was impossible for him to pass Lu Feng all his knowledge and experiences just because he felt Lu Feng and Zhang Le were alike.

The most crucial point was that Lu Feng had an extraordinary and outstanding talent regarding weapons. Added by his naturally callous and ruthless character, besides being occasionally cold and lacking tolerance, he was simply a genius born to handle weapons.

“A dead set obedient dog is more useful than a dead dog.” This simple sentence was Chen An’s answer to Chen Yang’s previous question.

Chen An’s body shifted sideways and leaned against the back of the car door, with his legs crossed he extended a foot towards Chen Yang as he said with an emotionless face: “Help me take off the shoes.”

This sudden act stunned Chen Yang for a split second, but with Chen An’s leg stretched out towards him, he immediately supported the man’s calf to rest on his thighs.

He gently held Chen An’s ankle. When his hot palms touched the man’s slightly cold skin, it felt the same as if he was bitten fiercely by a viper, causing his palms to feel a burst of stinging pain.

On the surface, Chen Yang appeared to be calm after he took off Chen An’s shoe, but he could already feel his heart tightening and violent throbs of pain in his chest.

No matter how beautiful a man’s feet might be, they didn’t have the same delicate feeling of a woman’s. Yet Chen Yang couldn’t help but stare fixedly at Chen An’s bare foot that was placed on his thighs.

His foot was fairly thin, comparable to “mutton jade” with a cool sensation. It made him want to hug it tightly against his chest to warm it.

  • Mutton jade is like sheep fat (commonly known as sheep oil) the same shade. The explanation of modern gemologists is: high-quality white Hetian jade, the main color is fat white (can be slightly pale cyan, milky yellow, etc).


“Next is this foot.” Chen An said as he pressed his other leg on top of Chen Yang’s leg.

When Chen Yang took off Chen An’s shoes, he heard Chen An’s say: “Throw away this pair of shoes, I don’t want to wear shoes that had been licked by a dog.”

As he said this, Chen An’s pair of bare feet were rubbing against Chen Yang’s chest to generate warmth. Chen Yang also took advantage of this opportunity to hug the man’s feet, embracing them over his chest. Since it was only separated by a thin shirt, Chen Yang was able to feel the ice-cold touch of his feet.

“Why are you so hot?” Chen Ancomplained, “We’re clearly related, yet you’re like a stove while I am like an ice cave.”

Chen Yang laughed and said: “If uncle is cold, I will make you warm.”

Chen An heard it and smiled, how could he let Chen Yang this natural stove warm his feet. He placed both his hand against his chest and asked: “How long is it until your next break?”

“Next week after the exams are finished then I’ll be free.”

“En, then you have to prepare seriously for your exams, once your break starts, we can take a trip to Ukraine together.”

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