Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 60

Chapter 60

Chen An is a very punctual man, when he said 10 o’clock then it was exactly to come at 10:00 and not showing up at 10:01.

“You are very punctual, Ivanov.” Looked at the man in front of him opened the door for him just like a gentlemen, Chen An also unreasonably gave the other party a simple compliment.

“I am always a punctual and trustworthy man, as long as you start to come and understand me better then you will come to not be able to leave me, other men in this world might have more power and influence but not as younger and more handsome than me while the other might be younger and more handsome but not have much power and influence.” Ivanov kept on showing off himself, who was one who gave this bear the capital?!

However Ivanov simply didn’t tell Chen An that today was his first time in the history as he was already woke up around six o’clock in the morning. Just the thought of meeting Chen An at ten o’clock has made it difficult for him to sleep quietly as this kind of situation was actually unprecedented.

As the result it wasn’t even seven o’clock when he was done taking a bath. Then spent one hour to choose the clothing he wanted to wear today, and take approximately half an hour to choose which bottle of cologne to spray on, then used another half an hour to command the servant to prepare something that he needed to use later on.

Clearly said to pick up Chen An at ten o’clock but he even parked the car half an hour earlier not far from Chen An’s home then looked at right time the before drove the car over.

This small game has just started, this wasn’t something controlled by Ivanov, but as it became more difficult to control then it became more novel and exciting.

Accompanied by the two iron doors which slowly opening, Ivanov drove back to his luxurious home in Shanghai, he quietly gazed toward Chen An, the man sat on the driver seat saw that he was still so calm even when facing this kind of luxurious home that usually only appeared in a movie. Those pair of eyes was very calm, not even surprised or have a strange look.

Even though he has expected that Chen An was different from any other men, but witnessing that this man didn’t seem to disguise his calmness, Ivanov still couldn’t help but to appreciate and respect Chen An.

“Do you not afraid that I will imprison you here?” The car stopped at the villa door, Ivanov like a gentleman personally opened the door for Chen An as he threw the car key into the servant next to him.

When Ivanov referred the word “captivity”, the man’s eyes quickly flashed a trace of surprised which was undetectable.

Chen An randomly glanced Ivanov’s luxurious home as he went down from the car and said: “Then let me take a look first at this beautiful bird cage.”

What kind of luxurious house that he has never saw or lived in but he didn’t really plan to look around. After he followed Ivanov and strolled around his house, it was almost lunch time.

Under Ivanov’s big capital, the house had the beautiful and suitable dining table was arranged for them next to the artificial lake for enjoying the scenery, there were always servants serving beside them, could be said that five-star hotel was pale by comparison.

Calmly accepting Ivanov’s courtesy, Chen An then cut the beef bit by bit, stuffed it into his mouth, and slowly chewed it as declining could made him drink the red wine instead of the soda water. However the simple dining movement was nowhere to reveal the simplicity of elegance.

This kind of elegance wasn’t different from one who was deliberately pretending to be, the calmness in his eyes was a natural one. One always loved beautiful things, the etiquette was good and the refined manner was also likeable.

“I can take the liberty to ask right? What kind of work do you have?” Chen An initiatively opened the conversation, “All this wealth you have isn’t something that common people have, maybe you are part of the giant and influential family?”

“A giant family? No No and No, actually in the past my grandfather was only an ordinary soldier from Soviet Union.” Those blue eyes are bright as it reflected the vividness of sunlight under the lake, very eye catching and said, “Why don’t you take a guess?”

“Petroleum gas.” He put down the knife and fork as he held his chin using both hands.

Ivanov was pouting, “Well this answer is too simple, you can try to dive in further.” Who would know that the wealthy Russians would basically involve in oil and gas.

“Then it means there will be a reward if I guess it right?” The old fox’s eyes slightly raised, he knew for sure what his main business was.

The bar jumped into the trap without warning and said: “I can try to answer one of your wish but as long as I can do it.”

Chen An surely liked this arrogant and conceited bear as being too arrogant and conceited will surely made him suffered loss later on. Then grabbed his glass and drink a mouthful of soda water, slightly smile and said: “weapon”.

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  1. Chen An surely liked this arrogant bear, too arrogant but easy to loss, he grabbed the glass and drink a mouthful of soda water, slightly smile and said: “weapon”.

    What is the original phrase here, as ‘too arrogant but easy to loss’ doesn’t mean anything in English. I really like this novel a lot, and I hope you’re translating at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Please be sure to edit thoroughly so your readers can fully appreciate your hard work. Thank you for this chapter and all the others, as well.

    1. I checked and it’s this phrase: 太过于自大狂妄可是很容易吃亏的啊
      I asked my Chinese friend, it means either u will have your lesson from your arrogance or if Ur too arrogant, u will suffer lose.

      1. hi ^^ thanks, i have edited that part ~~ enjoy ~~

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