Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 61

Chapter 61


Although Ivanov didn’t directly answer whether Chen An’s answer was correct or not but his eyes obviously flashed a hit of surprise: “Why do you feel I am related to weapon?

After all for ordinary people, the gap between them and weapon were to inaccessible. Chen An’s answer was undoubtedly right, but at the same time it also made Ivanov feel curious, how could he guessed it right, and not like “blind cat encounters a dead mouse.”

  • Meaning: it is a fluke

“Extend your right hand.” Chen An made a pinky promise.

Ivanov slightly blinked, laughing at Chen An’s act as he grabbed his right hand. Chen An gripped Ivanov’s palm, he pointed at Ivanov’s index finger, tiger’s mouth, and the position of the palm. (ㆆᴗㆆ)

When Chen An’s soft fingers swept Ivanov’s hand on those positions, obviously felt “a thin layer of scorpion”, if one not particularly saw it carefully then it would be hard to be noticed.

  • Meaning: hardened skin or dry patches on his hand, it may be known as calluses.

“Yesterday at the bar when you gripped my hand, at that time I somehow felt that your palm has a thin layer of calluses. I have watched from someone in the TV saying that some veterans will use their index finger as they trigger the board machine and some calluses on the tiger’s mouth and palm too as they often held the gun, which just coincide with you.

Chen An raised his head to look into Ivanov’s eyes, then lowered his head as he gaze toward the man’s palm and continued to say: “Not to mention ordinary people, other than those veterans of the war times, ordinary soldiers also wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to play with gun every day. The only explanation on what you are doing is the business of weapons smuggling.

After careful observation in detailed manner, reasonable reasoning ability, Ivanov had to admit that he got a new impression of Chen An.

“You don’t talk means an acquiescence, I am actually right isn’t it?” He faintly laughed as he let go of Ivanov’s hand, grabbed the glass of water and drank a mouthful of water as he moisture his throat.

“You are really too smart to make me look good, if it wasn’t because I have checked your detailed background before, I will thought that you are a spy sent by the Central.” Leaning back on the back of the chair, Ivanov’s index finger gently tapping on the table, “Wouldn’t you felt scared as you know I was trafficking weapons?” People normally said that they didn’t wish to have something to do with me as I was such a dangerous man.

“Do I have a choice?” Of course Chen An didn’t wish to has something to do with Ivanov, he clearly knew that this hairy bear was one who deliberately coming over to him.

“Well ————- I really become more and more admiring you, An. Just say it, what do you want me to do?”

If it was about to let him leave then Ivanov wouldn’t answer it, he would only answer if he is willing to agree on it. It could also be said that his behavior like this is to probe more, so what, he was Ivanov.

Chen An’s body was leaning forward, both hands lied on the table and said: “What is the real weapons dealer looks like? I’m so curious.”

That beautiful pair of phoenix eyes was finally no longer calm as water, but there was a hint of curiosity, seeing hope on his pair of eyes, how could he refused?

Just like Chen An knew that Ivanov would never reject him, after they finished the lunch, this hairy bear generously led him to the basement of the mansion.

After he did the fingerprint unlock, Ivanov used his strength to push away the big iron gate looked like a bank vault door in front of them which blocked the way in. Illuminated by the light, an arsenal which looked like one in the Hollywood movie appeared in front of Chen An.

“Are all of these real?” Chen An talked over himself to at least pretend a bit, at least look like one who saw this kind of arsenal for the first time, he curiously looked at the basement which was not big but had a lot of good things, “I felt like in the 007 movie.”


“I can teach you how to shoot.” Ivanov was unconsciously moved close right behind Chen An, restlessly reached out and gently embraced the man’s waist, smirked and said, “Using the real gun.”

“What kind of gun can it be if it isn’t the real gun?” Ignoring Ivanov’s low level joke, Chen An bluntly moved away the bear claws around his waist.






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