Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

“Uncle is not at home?”

Actually he should have arrived in Shanghai tomorrow, but he shortened his resting time and returned home one day earlier. But then when he returned home at three early in the morning, he learned from Wang Li, the housekeeper that Chen An has left Shanghai three days ago.

“Yes. Uncle An tells me he has something to do and leaves for a while. He also tells me if you are back then you don’t need to worry, have a good rest for a few days and prepare to go to school.”

Wang Li yawned as she felt sleepy, but she still helped carrying Chen Yang luggage. She turned around as she took the luggage but then saw Chen Yang standing still not saying a word. She didn’t know if it was an illusion but Chen Yang tired face suddenly showed a cold look which made her slightly surprised.

You must know the feeling that Chen Yang usually radiating was actually similar to his name, sunny and innocent.

“Wang Li, do you know where did uncle go?” Chen Yang’s voice didn’t show any emotions, the tone is straight without any undulations. Even though the house was so bright but it didn’t light up the young man’s eyes.

She didn’t really thought about it and directly spoke what she knew: “Uncle An didn’t tell me this. However I saw somebody coming to pick him up when Uncle An left that day. A blond foreigner, tall and handsome, feels like Eastern European’s.”

As soon as he heard Eastern European’s, Chen Yang suddenly became nervous. He suddenly grabbed Wang Li’s arm and frantically asked: “What happened to my uncle?”

“Ai ya, Chen Yang, your hand, it hurts …” scared by Chen Yang, Wang Li who was suffering in pain quickly said: “Uncle An is okay, I saw that foreign man is not a bad person. As in the meantime you aren’t here, I often saw him come for Uncle An … Uncle An, Uncle An also didn’t say that he is a bad man.”

“Chen Yang, let my hand go first, I am hurting ah.” Wang Li’s tears quickly came out. It wasn’t because of drowsiness but was about her hand being hurt by him. She was surprised that Chen Yang who was usually bright as sunshine also had such a scary side.

Chen Yang slowly released his hand on Wang Li, mumbling by himself: “You are saying … my uncle willingly go with that person?”

“Uncle An was laughing and saying goodbye to me when he left, I thought Uncle An was going on a vacation. Chen Yang, if you are worried about him then you can just call him tomorrow.” Wang Li looked at her own wrist and sure enough there was a light purple circle because of Chen Yang’s grip. Just now she was really sacred of Chen Yang crushing her hand.

“En, I know.” Chen Yang nodded and saw Wang Li’s wrist became light purple, feeling sorry and said: “I’m sorry I was just too agitated just now, Wang Li, do you want me to drive you to the doctor?”

“No need, I will just go back and applied medicine and then it is fine.” She saw that Chen Yang’s look has turned as the usual, Wang Li was slightly relieved. She didn’t know why but she was a little bit scared when Chen Yang was angry just now.

“Then you can just go back and rest, I will take care the luggage on my own.”

Wang Li voiced an agreement then went back while Chen Yang was standing by himself in the empty living room. Calmly returned his own luggage to his own room, took a bath. He was not lying to take a rest but went over to the room next door, which was Chen An’s.

Chen An’s room wasn’t locked to make Wang Li easy as she cleaned the room. Chen Yang entered the room with ease. The bedroom was very clean and simple, seemed difficult to find traces left by Chen An.

“Uncle ….”

Chen Yang’s head fell into Chen An’s bed, he grabbed the bedding and took a breath, although these beddings has been washed by Wang Li but it seemed that there was still a bit of that’s person scent left.

He missed him. He was thinking about him every day and every night when he was abroad, didn’t care how difficult it was or how dangerous it was, as long as he thought about Chen An who was waiting him, Chen Yang could go all out without feeling exhausted.

What he wanted wasn’t much, only to saw Chen An’s smile after he returned home, a hug, and a praise after he learned that the business was successfully done.

He gradually tightened his grab on the bedding. He didn’t get anything. He couldn’t even saw Chen An.



T.N: Bedding could mean blanket, quilt, pillow, or even the sheet. So I don’t know which one he grabbed but yeah more or less one with Chen An’s scent.

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