Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 64



Chapter 64

This was his first trip to Yunnan again after Chen An’s past visit to Yunnan. The difference between the past and now was that he was strolling around as he went flower viewing while riding horse. Another one was that they didn’t stop and took a good rest.

For most people, the language as well as the place itself, Tengchong, was still quite unfamiliar, meaning there were less travelers which also mean low attention. Added by the fact it was located in Yunnan that was close to the Southeast Asian countries.

He must admit that here was not only a good place for a vacation but also a good place for certain people to talk about business.

Grand Banyan Spa Resort was covered by Ivanov’s luxurious Lily (豪华丽丽的包了下来), this rich local tyrant. The guest in this forty three colors spa pool in the spa center was only him. Occasionally, you could see several waiters throughout the empty hotel.

Naturally one didn’t need to say about the hotel’s quality under Banyan brand. Chen An gladly enjoyed it. Bubble bath in the hot spring then got a full body relaxing spa. Don’t need to mention how comfortable this pleasant little day was.

The span of the game between his and Ivanov’s has been six months or more. In this half of month they were eating together and even watching film together. At the same time, when Ivanov started his “chasing”, Chen An has tasted the process of ordinary people “falling in love”. He must admit that it’s really boring.

In this half month time, Chen An often went to Ivanov’s mansion in Shanghai. Honestly he had visited lots of this bear fine weapons. Occasionally he would also have a cup of coffee beside Ivanov’s office while he was in the study, pretending to casually flip over Ivanov’s book on the shelf.

He was waiting as it truly could let him found something useful, for example he learned that Ivanov came to China this time wasn’t just to find him.

Maybe he has been eating, drinking, and having fun all the time with Ivanov. He has initiatively invite him on a vacation and even though it was a little dangerous but seeing the opportunity was in front of him, Chen An still agreed to Ivanov’s invitation. After all, the greater the risk the greater the benefit was.

The room they were in was the most luxurious courtyard in the hotel. There was even an indoor pool in the room and massage spa pool and there was not only one bedroom.

After he finished spa, the hotel’s spa master and waiters packed up their things and left. Chen An changed his clothes and stretch a bit then he drank the juice as he walked to the bedroom next to him which belonged to Ivanov.

Even though Ivanov was really vigilant to him but that hairy bear still not yet to lose one’s head over lust. After finished eating with him in the morning talked about something and left as he didn’t bring him to go together with him.

Chen An’s hand grabbed the juice then leisurely like taking a stroll walked into Ivanov’s bedroom. Except for the bodyguard guarding in front of the door, there wouldn’t be anyone else except Chen An in the room.

And without a doubt it was dangerous to live under the same roof with that bear who could be in heat anytime, but this was also Chen An’s only opportunity.

Chen An put the glass of half of the juice on the bedside and opened the drawer of the bedside table. It was empty. He also looked at under the pillow, but there was still nothing.

Chen An slightly frowned as he didn’t find anything useful when he flipped it around. He suddenly caught a sight on the trash can next to the bedroom desk. There seemed to be a few shredded papers that had been torn into pieces inside the clean trash.

“If you can’t do weapons maybe going to be a policeman is also not bad.” A corner of his mouth rise, Chen An picked up the shredded paper as he half squat down, placed it on the ground and slowly put it into a complete piece of paper. There was a name written by Ivanov on it: Yuri.

It looked like it was Ukrainian name, Chen An then quickly scattered the piece of paper and threw it into the trash again, but just when he was ready to leave, suddenly he keenly aware of someone’s footstep who seemed to come in from outside.

Who could come in this room silently except for that bear? Chen An quickly ran to the side and drank the rest of the juice, turned around and walked into the bathroom of the bedroom.


T.N: I don’t know what (豪华丽丽的包了下来) means so I translated it as ‘covered by Ivanov’s luxurious Lily’. I have searched it but what came up is a room? So maybe it was a big and luxurious room called Lily? Hmm I also didn’t expect Chen An used the old trick as before! (•̪ o •̪)

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