Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 65

Chapter 65


After he didn’t meet the fox who likes to squat for a while, Ivanov’s heart was very itchy. After he finished with some things he immediately ran back to the room and thought of scaring Chen An. But the result was he found out that the man wasn’t in his own room.

Ivanov didn’t think that Chen An will be in his bedroom, he wandered around the room again and again but there wasn’t that man’s shadow either in the pool or the study room. However he remembered from his subordinate that Chen An didn’t leave the room after he finished his spa.

Was he in his bedroom?

Ivanov’s instinctively has a trace of suspicion. He lightly pushed his own bedroom door, but empty as he still couldn’t find Chen An’s figure. It was only after he walked in then suddenly heard a faint sound of water coming from the bathroom.

The bathroom door was half opened, bypassing the big bed and turning a corner, you can go straight in. Thus Ivanov saw a certain someone leisurely and carefree sitting in the hot spring Jacuzzi as soon as he walked in. He drank juice as he enjoyed the beautiful pastoral scenery outside the window.

Even though this suite has two bedrooms, but only Ivanov’s master bedroom had the hot tub with a window where one can admire the view of the countryside and mountain.

Image result for anime in hot tub

The hot tub may look like this >.<

“You don’t mind I use your bathroom for a while right?” Lazily in the hot tub, Chen An calmly looked at Ivanov with a smile. The bear is leaning against the door and enfold his hands in the chest and looked at him with fascinated eyes.

“This hot tub is really not bad, can enjoy the rare beautiful scenery while enjoying the natural hot spring.” Ivanov took a deep breath as he closed his eyes while naturally sitting on the edge of the hot tub.

“Oh, I am also a little tired and taking a bath to relax also sounds good.” Grinned towards Chen An, Ivanov took off his haute couture customize suit into the ground as if he was throwing garbage.

Under the guidance of a fitness instructor, Ivanov’s body was full of extraordinary beautiful muscle. His wheat-colored skin was like a layer of light-colored honey, his whole body looked sturdy but eye catching.

“Then I will not disturb you.” After he said it Chen An was about to go while Ivanov, who hadn’t had time to take off his pants, directly jumped into the hot tub, clearly was a bear but this once he look like a monkey.

The sudden splash of water made Chen An instinctively closed his eyes and turned his head. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ivanov jumped into the bath and reached out to hold Chen An tightly: “My Dear, let’s take a bath together.”

God knew that since he played this damn love game with Chen An, he basically want to be tired with this man as he opened his eyes, where was the time to do that thing, even if there was, his mind was full of this stinky man. He hasn’t has so much interest in other people before.

Hold back! Must hold back to kill him!   (*>艸<)

Ivanov’s brain started to be filled with countless pink flowers so much that he forgot to consider how could Chen An who has just finished his spa would possibly take another bath again?

At this moment, in his mind he confidently only thought about this one idea: Chen An didn’t wear any clothes. This was a good opportunity to eat him.

“Do you know that what this behavior of yours is called? STUPID.” He won’t let him go even if he was scorned by him. It seemed that he was a very popular man to come and go on Ivanov. Chen An then accurately slammed his knee and directly hit Ivanov’s lower abdomen.

Considering Ivanov’s thing while holding his lower abdomen, Chen An gave a free hand knife, as Ivanov who was dizzy and in pain almost fell into the bath.

“Chen An! Don’t be too much!” Then the bear with agonizing black eyes bitterly climbed up from the bath. Grimace in pain, he can’t wait to shoot the man who dared to beat him. But just as he got up and saw a certain man naked back, he just couldn’t help but drooling.

“I don’t like man with too much hair.” Then he took the bathrobe and put it on, tied the belt two or three times, raised his hand and waved at Ivanov then left Ivanov’s bedroom barefoot.

“But I do shave regularly!” Ivanov shouted at the back of Chen An’s as he walked away, feel dejected he sat back in the bath, looked down at the back of his hand and muttered, “Then it’s time to clean it up.”

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