Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 The seed of Doubt

To outsider this might just be a private gathering for the rich. However in fact, this was only a gathering. It could be said that even if the international police knew what Ivanov and the others were all talking about illegal business, the international police also could do nothing as they were only talking and wouldn’t really trade on the spot.

“I don’t want to go.” Hands clasped to his chest, Chen An looked at Ivanov who was laying his clothes on the bed and chose to refuse. “It was enough to know that you are a weapons dealer, I don’t want to know more about you and anything related to you.”

“Why? Wasn’t this is a good opportunity to understand each other more?” Ivanov shrugged and looked a little indifferent.

He wore a dark suit and the tailored clothes on him made this hairy bear looked really tall and straight. No matter where he was, there was an extremely dazzling presence.

“The more you know, the more you are exposed to more private things. I don’t think that after two months you will let someone who knows too much about your secret go.” Chen An sat down on the bed, under the serious appearance and a humble heart, if he did not want to participate in Ivanov’s party, why would he agree to Ivanov’s vacation invitation.

Slightly refused the other could let him maintain his own dignity, but could also reduce the other’s alertness, why not?

“I know that you have opened a transportation company with the money you received as you won the prize.  An, don’t you want to work together with me? You can get a high profit from the business, my dear, don’t look at me with that vigilant look, I am doing a legal one, I swear!”

Ivanov raised his hand high, this kind of serious look, if not because Chen An had known him before, he reckon that he might be deceived by this bear. Ivanov did a legal business? It was simply a joke.

But the current Chen An still have to pretend to be a bit hesitant, doing a play was enough, but there was no room for it.

Under Ivanov assurance for the third time, Chen An reluctantly answered that bear invitation. After Ivanov’s door was changed his clothes and opened the door, Chen’s cell phone suddenly rang.

“Who was it?” Ivanov casually asked as he leaned on the door.

“My nephew.” Chen An looked at his phone and took the call under Ivanov’s attention, “Chen Yang, have you come home?”

“En, right now I am outside, will be back in about two days. You just need to study well. Right now I am still have things to do so I will hang up first.” Chen An hung up the phone then saw Ivanov staring at him with a bad intention. He raised his eyebrow and asked, “Is there a problem?”

“Your nephew seems to be too dependent on you.” Ivanov narrowed his eyes. The words that were slowly said revealed other meaning.

‘Those involved in the matter are easily blinded to the truth while those not involved can see things clearly’, as a bystander, Ivanov’s could see more clearly than Chen An. Even though Ivanov didn’t really have too much contact with Chen Yang, but that day half a year ago, Ivanov still remembered that young man being pinned to the floor stared at him and Chen An with the same look as a cub.

The cub will become a beast that can eat people sooner or later.

“Put away that dirty mind of yours, he is my loved one.” Obviously Chen An understand what Ivanov wanted to say. He gave a hard shot to Ivanov’s chest. He didn’t really put Ivanov’s words in his heart but he was shocked by Ivanov’s words.

Chen An is undoubtedly a smart man but sometimes couldn’t clearly see the people around him.

His brother, Zhang Le’s complicated feelings toward him was only seen as brother love, as for Lu Feng twisted love toward him was mistaken as a kind of admiration, how about Chen Yang?

Chen An couldn’t help but slightly frowned, the same thing wouldn’t happen to him again right? The seed of doubt got into his heart because of Ivanov’s words.

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