Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 68

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Chapter 68

Ivanov himself has lots of fortune, but it seemed that to please his new lover, he didn’t mind and let Chen An purchased some of his insignificant orders.

These small profits were actually counted as nothing for Chen An, but it was to let him know the target of Ivanov’s transport lines of goods. Those in his list of clients came from Southeast Asia, this was the best info he gained as he went with Ivanov.

Especially for the name he found on the scraps in Ivanov’s study room, Yuri, which if he has to say, it was actually the biggest surprise for him.

Ordinary people didn’t know what it was like to see the name Yuri, but Ivanov has been his competitor for so many years so how could Chen An not know it?

Ivanov’s ability to rise in the weapons circle wasn’t only due to the family’s emergence in World War II and the turned over from the Soviet Union’s disintegration, but also their important relationship in the military. As for mutual security there was often a middleman when the two sides traded. They will reselect the middleman every time they did trade.

It’s a coincidence that when observer from Ivanov’s side came to Chen An at that time, there was actually someone called Yuri as the trader who had a short-lived contact with Ivanov.  He reckoned that he would not know that this Yuri is the middleman in Ivanov’s transaction this time if he didn’t read that list.

However, regardless of what was he planned to buy from Yuri. In short, he has decided to cut off these goods.

After staying in Teng Chong, Yunnan for two days, Ivanov and his party went directly to Singapore by plane. As currently he was acting as Ivanov’s, it was easier to be seen by others as one of Ivanov’s playthings. No matter what other people think about him, he just needed to let Yuri knew that his weight in Ivanov’s heart was not ordinary.

Was this a honey trap?

For the old fox, no matter whether it was a honey trap or a desire, it was enough if he was able to achieve his purpose.

Ivanov’s night will always be accompanied by someone, one after another that will never end. On the first night of their arrival in Singapore, Ivanov has activities, but it wasn’t really the same as usual.

“If you are tired then we will not go, I will stay with you.” Ivanov actually made a consideration for Chen An.

Perhaps it was the rare loneliness and fragility that appeared in the hot spring resort that day, which immediately ignited Ivanov’s desire to protect as a man. The man who was already a gentleman to Chen An quickly became exceptionally gentler.

Ivanov this crude bear was unexpectedly could become so gentle. Chen An knew from the occasionally stunned bodyguards of Ivanov that the gentle estimate of this bear was rarely shown in front of others.

“How can I just stay in the room all day in Singapore? If I want to take a break, then I will take a good rest at night, actually you just don’t want me to go out, it would be unlikely that you are scared of me spending money and come to find you right?”

After Chen An’s words came out, how could Ivanov continued to made him stayed in the room? Money? Ivanov most not lacking was money. He immediately said a sentence to Chen An: Whatever you want to gamble on you can just gamble, how you want to play then you can just play, if you win it will be yours and if you lose I will pay for it.

According to Ivanov’s words, Chen’s would only need to win, but he did not expect that the VIP in the hotel casino’s VIP box, except for the nothing ordinary trader called Yuri and the other man that he was very unwilling to meet.

Lu Feng, these two words were enough to make the black and white people listen.

Too many adjectives and depiction on others have already said too much. For Chen An, Lu Feng’s people were the same as his name, as sharp as a knife, they were the most powerful weapon against the enemies, but they were also sharp which can hurt oneself.

When the man was wearing a windbreaker in his shoulder, the stern and cold expression, walked into the VIP room of the casino, Chen An could feel that Lu Feng’s eyes ruthlessly swept on everyone. Then when Lu Feng’s eyes swept pass him, Chen An slightly lowered his eyes and avoided the direct contact with the other side.

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