Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 69

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Chapter 69

It was very unlikely for ordinary people who came to the casino met someone wealthy with social status like Ivanov. There were guards who carry loaded rifles ready for an emergency outside the luxurious VIPs room. Even though you have lots of money, there was no way to step into this circle of VIPs and sat together with Lu Feng and others in the hall.

They were gambling, which was also the alternative to have a confrontation.

To be expected as the person brought by Ivanov, Chen An sat beside Ivanov. He raised his eyes and looked at the people in the gambling table. Lu Feng sat directly in front of Ivanov and from the cold and stern expression, it looked like the two have indeed switched from partner into a hostile mode, even the gunpowder smell was so strong.

This gamble still hasn’t started yet but Chen An started to sniff out toward the two people who wanted to put each other dead.

But except from Ivanov and Lu Feng, there were several local well-known rich and powerful Singaporeans. Although it’s right to be powerful, but without a doubt the protagonist of this gambling were Ivanov and Chen An.

It’s just that Chen An didn’t think that the first word that Lu Feng said as he sat down was to him.

“I remember you.” A pair of sharp eagle’s eyes fell on Chen An’s body, Lu Feng line a sharp sight as if he want to see through Chen An, but somewhat blinded by a dense fog.

From the time he stepped into the hall, Lu Feng has paid attention on this man at Ivanov’s side, once to befuddle and kissed by Ivanov half a year ago.

In terms of Ivanov’s character that must get what he wanted, it was not unusual to see this man with Ivanov. The strange thing was that no one could stay with Ivanov for three months. Clearly the last time he saw this man was six months ago.

He wonder why Ivanov will keep this man for so long, was it simply because he was attracted by the familiar atmosphere of the other person? Lu Feng did not know that he had only paid attention to Chen An at the first sight.

Chen An just smiled and nodded to the other side with a smile in response, he did not speak.

“I thought that our Lu is always a long-lasting man. How come that you have been feeling lonely even when the old fox has been gone for not even a year?” Ivanov began to be aggressive. He dared to hook up his man in front of him, he felt Lu Feng become more unpleasing to the eye.

“Dear, you should never talk to this man. I quietly tell you that this man called Lu Feng is a poisonous snake. If he stared at you then you will definitely be bitten to death.”

Ivanov deliberately smiled and said it to Chen An, on the surface was to give advice to Chen An, but in fact it was to Lu Feng.

Even with Ivanov’s provocation, Lu Feng just quietly snort not caring such trifle thing, and raised his finger to add 5 million chips as an ante to the pot: “What kind of person Ivanov is, you should have known it when he forced you to drink six months ago.”

Ivanov, who was exposed, hardly care about it. He smiled and kept up with five million: “I don’t know when you started to slap someone’s face? This is big news.”

“If one day he is tired of you and killed you, I will collect the corpse for you.” Without answering Ivanov’s words, Lu Feng’s eyes were deep, and the downcast words was about to scare people.

Unexpectedly, his cold sight meet Lu Feng’s who looked at him, his chest suddenly felt a little bit painful at the moment. Chen An immediately pushed the five million chips in front of the pot, and on the surface he remained calm and collected: “Then I may trouble Mr. Lu to take my ash and scatter it into the Yangtze River.”

“Oh, dear, don’t listen to his nonsense, how can I hurt you if I love you so much! This guy just can’t see anyone else being in love with one another.”

Ivanov’s deliberately blurted out these words loudly, at the same time he looked at the cards and looked at Chen An who was facing the side in Lu Feng’s sight, and his pupils shrank slightly, his lightly tapped his fingers on the table. There was a complicated smile in the corner of his mouth.



* ante to the pot: to raise the stakes (usually used when playing poker)

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